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“Michelle Phan” and “YouTube beauty guru” are practically synonyms. Michelle is probably the person who led the popular wave of beauty creators on YouTube.While she does enjoy playing around with makeup, her day to day go-to look involves just a couple of key products, one of which is blue lipstick! Yes, BLUE lipstick!

michelle phan

We found out when she brought one to the Google Hangout interview she had with us for Beauty Bound Asia, a competitive programme to discover the next generation of beauty creators that’s organised by skincare brand, SK-II. Michelle serves as mentor and creator of beauty challenges for this initiative.

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick _Blue Velvet


Michelle raved about this blue lipstick from Jeffree Star Cosmetics

When it comes to makeup, Michelle believes that “less is more.”

“Natural. Almost as though I’m not wearing any makeup – that’s my favourite,” she said.

When asked why, she said it reminded her of her teenage years when she had a lot of energy and didn’t need makeup to have perfect-looking skin. Even through a webcam, her complexion looked flawless and it didn’t look like she had spent hours achieving it through makeup.

Michelle Phan 1

Michelle Phan 2

Her top three products makeup essentials in her daily makeup routine are: brows, concealer and a good lip product. The young entrepreneur admitted that on days she doesn’t want to wear makeup, she goes for a red lipstick – which is perfect for working women who may not have the time in the morning to put on a full face of makeup. Her favourite product to achieve natural, even-looking skin is the Sulwhasoo BB Cushion (A product both the editor and this writer of DV actually loves as well!)

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  1. On Being a #Girlboss

On Being a #Girlboss

You have to focus on what you really love, and have a sense of purpose, and that’s what keeps me going – is having a sense of purpose.

Apart from being a YouTuber, Michelle is also the founder of her cosmetics line, Em Cosmetics and Ipsy, a beauty bag subscription service. Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of time, effort, and courage. DV wanted to know what has kept her going throughout her journey to build up her brand for the last couple of years, and her responses were nothing short of inspiring. It all boiled down to passion and purpose.
michelle phan em cosmetics

“If you don’t have that – if you don’t have a sense of purpose or passion, you’ll burn out very quickly online because everyone has a short attention span online and if you take a hiatus even for a month or two, people will forget about you, and that’s why it’s very important for you to have that determination and motivation to continue,” she said.

Beauty Bound Asia did a fantastic job at working with Michelle Phan in this beauty content creator competition because the thing that the competition emphasises is what she believes in – being herself.

When you try too hard, people see that. Authenticity is what sells. You know the old saying of sex sells? Now I believe it’s the self that sells. Just be yourself.

Even if “yourself” looks like this:

Tiara Taylor Swift Dance