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We introduced eight strangest spa treatments last week and there’s one more that we’d like to add onto the list – Ratus Vagina, an Indonesian treatment that aims to improve vaginal health and freshen up the intimate area.

This therapy is usually offered at spas, together with other “normal” treatments such as body massages and facials. Each Ratus Vagina session can lasts between 1.5 to three hours, just like normal treatments.

The session begins with using an electro-stimulation machine on the client – don’t worry, the device is not going to get anywhere near your intimate area, but is administered onto the lower back and soles of the feet to help strengthen the vaginal muscles.

Next, cawikan (bathing) is administered. Dissolved in hot water, a fragrant mixture made up of local herbs is prepared. The clients sits on a bucket that contains the mixture, with her vagina submerged in it for five minutes. This concoction is made up of herbs that are known for their health benefits, fragrance and ability to tighten the vaginal area.

Following the cawikan is a five-minute totok (massage) that helps to relax muscles and improve microcirculation. Finally, ratus (fogging) takes place to help reduce itchiness (due to yeast infection) and to improve the smell in the area. The client has to sit on a chair (that has a hole) with a pot that’s heated with charcoal and sprinkled with ratus powder (a mixture of herbs) underneath it.

Finally linggihan takes place. At this step, the client has to wear her underwear with a thin piece of paper that is covered with a mixture of herbs attached to it (think how you wear a sanitary pad). After ten minutes, the paper is removed.