We know that finding the best way to express your love for Mum can be very tricky. Sometimes, you may feel that no gift can ever fully convey your gratitude for all the love and care your mum has given you throughout your life.

This Mother’s Day, why not give your mum a day off her busy schedule and pamper her with the best salon services? After all, she has spent a huge part of her life taking care of you, and it is time to let her have a well-deserved break.

If you are not sure which services are perfect for your mum, we have compiled a list of affordable salon services that your mum will love – some of these are available at heavily discounted prices of up to 80% off!

For her face

Boost and brighten her complexion

Salon Finder May Fil Skin Premium Gold Facial

Dry, dull skin is a common concern shared by older women. FIL’s Premium Gold Facial tackles this problem at its roots by protecting skin from free radical damage, and boasting powerful anti-ageing benefits that prevent premature ageing of skin.

A treatment that uses gold doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive either: this facial is now available at just SGD48, a whooping 80.8% discount from the original price of SGD250! Redeem this fantastic deal here for your Mum.

Rejuvenate & hydrate aged skin

Salon Finder May Sothys Hydra Lift Synergy Treatment

If you notice that your mum’s skin looks like it needs more lift and hydration, we recommend the Hydra Lift Synergy Treatment from SOTHYS Premium Salon for her. It is targeted at dehydrated ageing skin, and aims to improve skin’s hydration while reducing fine lines & wrinkles.

With five outlets in heartland areas and the CBD, you can definitely find one that is convenient for your mum – you could even consider booking a slot for yourself right after work!

You can get this facial at SGD160 here.

Get lifted skin with better blood circulation

Salon Finder May The Signature Facial Facelift Massage

If you are looking for an all-in-one facial and massage treatment for your mum, The Signature Facial + Facelift Massage from Celmonze The Signature will do the trick.

The Signature Facial is a customised facial tailored to prevent four skin problems that are common in older women: acne, pigmentation, sensitive and sagging. This is followed by their Signature Facelift Massage, which uses a combination of massage techniques to set seven muscles and improve blood circulation. It is also said to have lymphatic drainage benefits, meaning that it works like a detox and boosts your immune system for instant lifting of the skin.

The original price of this comprehensive treatment is SGD198, but you can redeem this here at just SGD138.

You can also read our review of this facial here.

For her body

Enjoy an unlimited-access wellness experience

Salon Finder May Spa Infinity Therapeutic Body Massage

Does your mum often complain about stiff shoulders and back aches? Gift her a Therapeutic Body Massage treatment from Spa Infinity that focuses on pain management, wellness, and relaxation. This service allows her to consult with the masseurs to determine which massage technique best addresses her body’s needs, with options such as TCM Tui Na and Deep Tissue massages.

The best part is that your mum not only has her knots thoroughly kneaded away by professionals, but also gets to enjoy unlimited access to the spa’s facilities and refreshment after her massage. She will surely appreciate the soothing, relaxing experience as she winds down in a Micronized Ion Jacuzzi or Infrared Sauna.

All of these for your mum at just SGD51.36 when you redeem this here – that’s a discount off more than half of the original price!

Achieve harmony of body and mind through aromatherapy

Salon Finder May Theresa Body Skin Wellness Aromatherapy Body Massage

For mums who have difficulty sleeping well at night, we recommend booking a session of Aromatherapy Body Massage at Theresa Body Skin Wellness to help her sleep, feel, and concentrate better. Aromatherapy uses naturally-extracted aromatic essences from plants, and is widely acknowledged to help improve mental and physical wellness.

Give your mum an hour of ultimate relaxation at SGD48 and choose from five heartland branches when you purchase this here.

For her nails

Nails fit for an empress

Salon Finder May Avone Yanxi Palace Express Gelish Manicure

Is your mum an avid fan of Yanxi Palace? Avone Beauty Secrets offers the chance for your mum to relive the memories of watching 2018’s hottest palace drama with the Yanxi Palace Express Gelish Manicure. She will absolutely love the Yanxi-inspired nail art designs done on express gelish manicure.

What’s more, you get a free SGD50 voucher for your mum’s next manicure when you book your appointment here for SGD128. It’s only applicable to the first 20 customers who redeem this deal at selected outlets, so don’t hesitate any longer!

A classic look for a classy woman

Salon Finder May Classic Gel Manicure Yoga Beauty Palace

If your mum prefers to keep things simple, consider getting her a Classic Gelish Manicure at Yoga Beauty Palace. Satisfied fans of Yoga Beauty Palace love getting their nails done there because of the comfortable experience they receive.

Another plus point raved about by fans is that they will let you take a look at one painted nail first to decide if you like the colour, before proceeding to paint the rest. The meticulous service, provided together with a beautiful manicure, will certainly put a smile on Mum’s face this Mother’s Day.

This manicure is currently going at SGD37.10 instead of the usual SGD50, so what are you waiting for? Book an appointment for your mum today!