Beauty crises: we deal with them everyday, and each of us has our own ways to do so. Does that have anything to do with your Myers-Briggs personality types? Tell us what you think!

The situation: You are out on a classy event with your boyfriend where you’ll meet his bosses and colleagues, and your eyeliner has unfortunately smudged terribly, making you look like a panda escapist. You left your makeup pouch at home, and there’s no beauty counters or drugstore in the vicinity. What would you do?

Truly believes her boyfriend doesn’t mind her smudged makeup; beauty is only skin-deep, right?

Asks her boyfriend if he minds that she’s not looking at her tip-top condition, and by hook or crook find somewhere to purchase remover and some concealer if he isn’t.

Tries to convince her boyfriend that she’s sporting the newest Spring 2016 look.

Explains the artistic value behind the botched eyeliner look, and encourages her boyfriend to participate by giving his thoughts.

Systemically plans out all her options in a mental mind map, complete with the pros and cons of each before brutally carrying them out without hesitation. That means even ditching her date at the restaurant even before the appetisers arrive, if necessary.

Looks through her friend list to find out who stays nearest to where she is, then calls friend to tell her what she needs exactly: three pieces of cotton pads, makeup remover for eyes, and liquid eyeliner.

Actually gets excited that such a “disaster” has happened so she gets to be creative about it. And then, post a Facebook status update and gets everyone riled up about the best way to resolve this, and maybe even some philosophical banter about whether a woman needs to wear makeup.

Wonders if there is a theoretical explanation behind the smudging of makeup. It could be the humidity. Or not. There must be a universal law behind the smudging of makeup.

Feels horrible throughout the night because she’s not looking her best for her boyfriend, which to her is a responsibility.

Fun, spontaneous and cheerful without a doubt – she would never let something as small as a smudged makeup look spoil the night! Bring on all the panda jokes!

Convinces herself that she looks fine, but deep down she’s dying inside and praying for the skies to start raining makeup products.

She’s all about living in the moment; and your makeup only smudges on such an important day once in your lifetime… might as well enjoy it, right? Right?

While maintaining a happy facade like nothing happened on the outside, she’s secretly cursing herself for not remembering to bring her makeup pouch on an important date like this. She is going to put “makeup pouch” as her to-bring list in the next similar event.

Discusses how silly she looks with her boyfriend, and goes for dinner with her smudged makeup

Wipes everything off and goes barefaced instead. Having a smudged eye is too much of an embarrassment and going barefaced is the lesser of two evils.

She uses the hand moisturiser in the toilet to remove the smudge areas and wonder if she should borrow a black marker from the reception for, well, “touch-up”. You’ll never know till you try!