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It is a long and arduous journey. A constant battle against skin problems; we are always trying to find the perfect solution to our skincare misery, to lock down that perfect skincare regime. But with all the information out there, how do we actually know which is the truth? We surveyed a number of individuals (with some finding out the hard way) and collated the myths that beauty therapists have flooded our friends with. Let us see how many resonate with you too!

1. “So much dead skin, you must scrub your face at home! Use sugar, cheap and effective.”

sugar scrub


Cheap definitely. But these sugar granules are way too harsh for the skin on your face. Not ideal if you want to have some skin left on your face.

Say this to brush them off: Nothing. People who believe such old-school home remedies are not going to listen to your logical reasoning.

2. “Buy this cream! Everyone who uses it looked 10 years younger!”

Beauty woman portrait. Skin and face care concept

There is no such thing as a miracle in a bottle. Yes, good products can help improve  your skin’ condition over time, eradicating certain signs of skin concerns. However, to make you look “10 years younger” is quite an exaggeration. You wouldn’t really believe this, would you?

Say this to brush them off: “So if you’re 25 years old, you’ll look 15? Why would anyone want that?”

3. “Buy creams from our salon, it’s better than all the other brands you get from outside.”

Skincare products


Not necessarily. Drugstore brands such as Neutrogena, Garnier and Olay are backed by big companies that are able to plough research dollars into them, and can carry strong active ingredients in them, while being sold for much less. While many beauty salons carry good brands too, they may or may not work for you. It doesn’t mean that because it’s more niche and expensive, it will work better.

Say this to brush them off: “Can you give me some samples to try them at home first?”

The products may be good for you, but you wouldn’t know unless you try them. If the samples seem promising, you can consider investing in the full-sized products.

4. “You have to switch your products regularly or they will stop working!”

attractive asian woman skincare image

A widely-misunderstood concept, your skin does not actually ever adapt to the skincare products you use. Just as how your body never adapts to a healthy diet, your skin does not too. The reason as to why your skin actually stops improving is that improvement is only much more visible right from the beginning when your skin is in more dire condition.

Say this to brush them off: “I have read a lot of literature about this and I know this is not how it actually works.”

Or, show her this article.

5. “Everyone needs to have both the sunscreen and the moisturiser!”


Some day creams contain high sun protection level, and are formulated to allow you to use it as a moisturising sunscreen. Especially if you have oily skin, it’s fine to use a two-in-one product like this.

Say this to brush them off: “I have them, thank you.”

6. “Your skin is so dehydrated, drink more water!”


The truth is, having dry skin is not as simple as insufficient water consumption. Consuming copious amounts of water will not aid in helping skin look more moisturised. However, avoiding stress-inducing elements such as alcohol and cigarette smoke are some outward ways that can help. Using the right products for your skin type is also crucial.

Say this to brush them off: “I have taken steps to improve my dry skin such as ________, ________, and ________.”

7. “You need to exercise a lot more or your skin will start looking older.”


While exercise is definitely beneficial for your overall well-being, exercise also causes individuals to have less fat under their skin. This loss in fat usually results in individuals who are more athletic to look older than overweight people.

What you might want to say: “Everything in moderation is what works for me.”

8. “You need to wash your face more often, it is too oily!”


Worst. Advice. Ever.

Over-washing your face is a bad thing. It strips your skin of moisture and makes your skin produce more sebum as a response, to lubricate your skin. Washing your face once to twice a day is sufficient.

Say this to brush them off: “Our skin produce more oil when it is over-cleansed because it gets drier. I will stick to my current cleansing regime.”

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