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The office is a place where scary higher-ups reign, meetings go on forever, and truckloads of work never seem to end. So thank goodness for the existence of caffeine and office buddies. And if our buddies are just as addicted to beauty as we are, they are godsend and we are grateful that they are in our lives every single day.

Here are eight reasons why everyone needs a beauty buddy in the office.

1. When you’re late for work, and you forgot to put on your face and bring your makeup bag. Fret not! Your bud has got it covered and she has everything that you need.

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2. Office gossip is basically discussing at lengths on whether both of you need another lipstick or blusher. (After X hours, the answer is yes. Always.)





3. If your appearance is a little off (Chocolate tooth, anyone?), she will tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. And you are so thankful that she’s in your life.



4. Lunch time is not for food. It’s for Sephora. And only your bud understands this. She will also be right beside you, swatching.



5. Both of you are subscribed to every beauty news out there. And it’s a matter of who knows which sale first and updates the other.




6. When there are sales, you can trust your bud to weather out the long queues with you. And you won’t be doing nothing. It’s strategy time when you two plot which sections each should tackle the minute you are in.



7. And if you can’t get yourself out of a meeting to attend the sale, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Your bud will be spamming your phone with photos and it is as if you are right there, with her.



8. When it’s the end of the year and it’s time for your company’s Dinner & Dance, nothing beats having a girlfriend to dress up with. (: