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We are all familiar with the topical beauty products that we apply onto our skin every day. However, these usually can only penetrate into the epidermis layer of the skin. To help skin improve from within, consider beauty supplements that target at specific skin needs.

Want Better Skin Elasticity?

“Collagen” is likely to be a buzzword you’ve been hearing. While some products claim to contain collagen to add to your skin’s, we’re afraid to tell you that collagen molecules are probably too huge to be absorbed into skin through any topical products. However, hope isn’t lost. Go for collagen supplement.

Oral Supplements Brands Innershine Rubycollagen Essence

Try: Brand’s InnerShine RubyCollagen Essence. The latest addition to the InnerShine family, this supplies micro-collagen to replenish the skin’s collagen supply, and its key ingredient, Astaxanthin, helps protect the skin from UV rays, which are the main cause of depleting collagen in our skin. This ingredient also supports microcirculation to promote healthy cellular metabolism and effective collagen delivery. Consume this once to twice daily at any time of the day, preferably after food.

Brand’s InnerShine RubyCollagen Essence retails at S$57 for a box of 10 bottles, and the RubyCollagen Essence Strip retails at S$36 for a box of 10 strips.

Want Brighter Skin?

Dull-looking skin is usually caused by an over production of melanin over a sustained period of time. While topical products may be able to improve the appearance of spots or uneven skin tone by altering skin’s surface, an oral supplement can help regulate melanin production, which can only happen from within.

Oral Supplements Fancl White Advance

Try: Fancl White Advance. These tablets encourage the production of fair melanin while they suppress the dark ones. Formulated with Oleuropein, an Olive Leaf Extract derivative, White Advance help to lighten dark melanin so skin appears more luminous. Take two tablets each time and three times per day.

Fancl White Advance retails at S$46.50 for 30-day supply.

Want Better Hair & Nails?

And the benefits of supplement don’t just stop at your skin. Better hair and nails can be achieved when your body is supplemented with the nutrients that you need for these features.

Oral Supplements Imedeen Hair Nails

Try: Imedeen Hair & Nails. This supplement contains advanced silica, biotin, zinc and B-vitamins to help maintain healthy-looking hair and nails. Suitable for vegetarians, these capsules are to be taken once daily, with a glass of water. Visible results are said to be noticeable within four to six months.