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Many beauty junkies would not find Michelle Phan an unfamiliar name. A YouTube beauty guru, Michelle Phan boasts of a YouTube channel with 4.5 million subscribers and tutorials that garnered 1 billion views.

Michelle Phan Em Cosmetics

Source: herworld.com

The vlogger partners L’Oreal Luxe group to launch a cosmetics line, em michelle phan. The brand is an online-only cosmetics line and features more than 250 items created by Michelle Phan.

While it is sold exclusively online in the USA, it doesn’t mean we can’t drool over it. Here are our top picks from the collection:

Pick #1: Em Cosmetics The Life Palette (US$75)

The hero product of em cosmetics, this features 36 refillable shades, including four for cheeks, eight for lips and and 24 for the eyes. The palette comes with a dual-end brush – made up of an all over brush and an angled brush.

We love that it is an all-in-one palette that has wearable colours. They have also named each of the six palettes by occasions in our lives, such as “career life”, “love life” and “night life” – a simple way to guide you to get the right palette for the right event.

Pick #2: Em Cosmetics Shade Play Concealer Color Mixing Palette (US$30)

How many times do we agonise over picking the right concealer shade? This palette comes with five shades and and an empty pot for mixing – pretty much like an artist’s palette. This ensures that you can definitely concoct just the right colour you need to cover up your blemishes and dark eye circles. This product will only be available in October.

Pick #3: Em Cosmetics Chiaroscuro Contour and Highlighter Stick (US$25)

Michelle Phan Em Cosmetics Em Cosmetics Chiaroscuro Contour And Highlighter Stick

We love multitaskers and this is a duo-end stick – one side for contouring and the other for highlighting. The cream formula is supposed to be highly blendable to sculpt your features more naturally.

Extra: Em Cosmetics Shade Play Lip Color Mixing Palette

If you like to play artist, then you may like this one. Just like the concealer, this allows you to play with different lip shades, then mix and blend into the colour that you feel like wearing that day.

Em Cosmetics is available on emcosmetics.com.