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We’ve been bitten by the Pokemon Go fever. These Pokemon characters are so cute and expressive, we can’t help but notice resemblance between them and us. (Because we are cute and expressive too.)

Here are nine times we find that Pokemon has the best expression to describe how we feel in beauty-related scenarios.

1. When it’s love at first sight (with a limited edition palette)


Heart skips a beat. Can’t string a proper sentence together. Eyes twinkle. Feeling breathless. Yes, this is true love and we have to get our hands on it!

2. When the limited edition palette is launched


We know who we are up against (other beauty enthusiasts) and we know what we are aiming for (being the first ones in queue). GAME FACE ON!

3. When our makeup is looking darn good


Thank you, makeup deities, for blessing us today – we can’t resist taking a few selfies and checking out our reflection at every chance we get.

4. When we leave the hair salon feeling like a million bucks


Did you see this masterpiece that the hairstylist has just created on our tresses?

5. When we tell our partners “5 minutes more!”


We really meant “Why don’t you go get comfortable? Make yourself tea and open a packet of snacks or have a quick nap?”

6. When we get comfortable enough with you


We love makeup but it doesn’t mean we wear it 24/7, of course. (Although sometimes we secretly wish we could.) When we are close enough to you, you’ll have the privilege of seeing our absolutely #nomakeup look. Typically at night. Just before bedtime. We hope you won’t get any nightmares afterwards.

7. When we find out that our holy grail product will be discontinued


What do you mean it’ll no longer be retailing? Who gave you permission to stop producing it?! WHO?!

8. When our friend has a product we really want


It’s limited edition, and already out of stock.

9. When a new compact powder drops on the floor and cracks