Scientists from Glyndŵr University of north Wales, have discovered that a new molecule found in rotting seafood can help us achieve more beautiful hair. This polymer, the scientists say, is a good alternative to synthetic ingredients, to help increase moisture and reduce split ends in our hair.

For the purpose of this research, the polymers are harnessed from prawn shells that would otherwise be disposed. Pete Williams, professor of polymer and colloid chemistry at the university said that the team is now testing the polymer in personal and home care formulations. In other words, if the hypothesis is positive, we may soon be seeing (molecules extracted from) rotting seafood as one of the key ingredients in our hair care products!

Before you cringe your nose at the suggestion of this, did you know that bull’s semen has been used by some hair salons as a key ingredient for their hair spa treatment? Unexpected ingredients like ink and cannabis are also found in perfumes?

Would you use a shampoo that is formulated with this polymer if scientists say it’s good for your hair?