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Whenever we talk about makeup tips and tricks that make our complexion look brighter, base products usually take centre stage, and rightfully so. However, other than your concealer and foundation, the other products that you use in your makeup routine can also enhance the radiance of your complexion. Find out what you should be having in your skin brightening makeup stash.

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1. Protect your skin

Want brighter skin? Protect it. We can’t emphasise the importance of sun protection more. Use a trusted sunscreen right before your foundation to shield your skin from the negative impact of UV rays, which is the main cause of skin pigmentation, dull complexion, and the appearance of signs of ageing.


Try: Lancome UV Expert CC Cover (SGD75). This doesn’t just protect your skin from UV rays and pollution, but also blue light that is emitted by devices like your mobile phone and computer screen, which can cause pigmentation too. We like that it is tinted so it helps to provide a brighter base for your foundation to work off. In cases where you don’t need a lot of coverage, you can wear this on its own.

2. Cover pores

Obvious pores can make your complexion look duller than it actually is because crevices cast shadows on your skin. This is why treating your pores is such an important step to help your skin look brighter and healthier.


Try: Benefit The Porefessional Matte Rescue (SGD49) and Benefit Porefessional Instant Wipeout Mask (SGD56 for eight). Benefit’s Porefessional is well-known as a primer to help conceal pores right before foundation application. Now, the brand launched another two more pore-saviours. The former is an invisible and lightweight water-based mattifying gel that help absorb excess surface sebum and give a pore-blurring effect. The latter are treatment masks that help to clean out and smooth out the look of pores.

3. Fill in those brows

Our brows frame our features and determine our expression and overall look. Getting your brows in the right shape, length, and colour can definitely enhance the appearance of makeup.


Try: UDxGwen Brow Box (SGD48). This product that comes out from the collaboration between Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani has light taupe shades that Gwen herself love. On Asian skin tones, these shades will help lighten your brows and soften your features. Lighter-tone brows, when accompanied by base makeup that’s done correctly, give a sense of freshness and radiance.

4. Line your eyes

Putting on eyeliner helps eyes look more awake and can help make your overall complexion look more refreshed. The trick is to draw a thin line as closely to your lash-line as possible; thinner lines help give a cleaner and more youthful look.

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Try: Shu Uemura calligraphy:ink eyeliner (cartridge at SGD29, applicator at SGD29). This newly-relaunched eyeliner is inspired by Asian calligraphy and offers absolute precision. You can draw lines as narrow as 0.02mm with it if you wish. The intense colour-payoff and long-lasting wear means you can have eyes that look awake all day without the fear of smudges at the under eye area, which can make your complexion look duller.

5. Go for brighter lips

Never leave home without putting on some lip colour – you’ll need it to look healthier and make your complexion glow. Pick brighter, fresher colours to further bring out radiance in your complexion.

laneige two tone bar 1

Try: Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar (SGD34). Designed specifically to help create ombre lips, this lipstick offers a creamy finish in two blended shades. The ombre lips look is great for enhancing radiance in skin because of its dewy, 3-dimensional look. It is usually time-consuming to blend out two or three lip colour to achieve the gradient typically, but with the help of this innovative lipstick, it’s super easy!


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