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Some of the world’s best wellness resorts and spas can be found in Switzerland, and it’s not surprising why. The beautiful country that is most frequently associated with the Alps, is home to Alpine flowers and herbs known for their healing qualities. This is why a Swiss spa ritual is a highly sought-after experience, especially among seasoned spa-goers.

Our busy schedules may not allow us to fly to Switzerland at our whim and fancy, but we have found a great alternative to it. We’re reluctant to share it because it’s one of our best-kept secrets – but we’ll spill the beans because we know you appreciate hidden gems that deliver quality too.

We’re talking about Pürovel Spa & Sport, the region’s first luxury Swiss spa. Highly accessible, but quietly nestled within Swissôtel Merchant Court, Pürovel Spa & Sport will transport you to a Swiss sanctuary, and we’ll tell you how if you read on.

How Pürovel Spa & Sport brings the Swiss spa experience to you

If you’ve visited Switzerland, you may remember it for its modern and smart infrastructure, contrasted with picturesque mountains that are always in its backdrop. Pürovel Spa & Sport brings these attributes to you without checking you onto a flight.

Step into Pürovel Spa & Sport and you’ll be astounded by its clean and contemporary design, as well as the smart and efficient flow of its layout. Continue walking ahead and check out the well-designed and modern sports training facilities, which further help you achieve overall wellness. The spa is also equipped with steam bath rooms and sauna for men.

But it goes beyond just the interior design. The spa offers an Alpine-inspired sanctuary with treatments that uses essential oils made from Alpine flowers and herbs, which are organically produced in the Pürovel fields in Switzerland. And this is good news for advocates of natural and organic products, because what’s used at Pürovel Spa & Sport is as natural as it can get.

You can further immerse yourself in the Swiss spa experience, thanks to how the spa is inspired by the changing Alpine seasons. It mirrors the changing seasons of the Swiss mountains, particularly the four stages of natural vitality: renewal, peak activity, recovery, and hibernation.

Trust us, after 60 minutes of spa treatment at Pürovel Spa & Sport, you may just for a moment forget you’re still in Singapore!

Treatments to look forward to at Pürovel Spa & Sport

1. If there’s one treatment you have to try

There are several revitalising treatments available at Pürovel Spa & Sport, but if you’re new to the spa, we recommend trying the 60-minute Intraceuticals Intense Hydration Rejuvenate Facial.

Perfect for all skin types, this treatment offers intense hydration while infusing skin with vitamins and antioxidants that it needs to lift, tone, and hydrate.

You can expect instant results – which is uncommon for non-invasive treatments – and what’s more, results are said to improve in the days following the facial. You’ll notice a refreshing glow in your skin, and fine lines and wrinkles look less obvious.

2. The most all-rounded therapy

If you want a holistic pampering, look no further than Journey of the East (150 mins). This begins with a Purifying Body Wrap that uses three different types of tea to achieve detoxification, and a calming effect on the body. Then, a relaxing Lomi-Mae massage is done to relieve tensions in the muscles, before it’s completed with an express facial so you feel refreshed from head to toe.

3. Something calming and de-stressing

Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life with the Refreshing Relaxation Massage (60 or 90 minutes). This is a customised massage that uses long, soothing strokes to help you relax your muscles, and at the same time improve your lymphatic and circulatory systems. Using the Pürovel Meadow Mountain essential oil – the signature scent of the spa – this massage helps to calm and de-stress the mind so that you feel rejuvenated and restful after the treatment. We recommend this for those who are craving for some me-time in order to recharge.

Pürovel Spa & Sport is located at Level 2, Swissôtel Merchant Court, Singapore (20 Merchant Road, Singapore 058281). It overlooks the Singapore River and is a three-minute walk from the Clarke Quay MRT station.

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