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In Dublin, you can get free club entry if you have great cleavage. In Zhengzhou, China, you can eat for free if you’re good-looking.

According to a report by Xinhua, patrons to a Korean restaurant in Zhengzhou called Jeju Island, are to have their picture taken by a “face scanner” before entering. This picture will be judged by a panel of experts, who are plastic surgeons that the restaurant is working with.

Zhengzhou Beautiful Eat For Free 2

Source: Shanghaiist

The Telegraph reports that local authorities weren’t happy with their sign that says “Free meal for goodlooking” (sic) that was placed outside the eatery. This sign has been taken down by the local authorities.

Patrons are judged on how attractive their faces, eyes, noses, and mouth are; protruding foreheads, apparently, are deemed as good-looking.

What do you think about such marketing methods?