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We know what it’s like: you’ve got a whole desk of makeup products but still don’t feel encouraged to apply them in the morning before work because you’d rather spend more time sleeping in.

Rilakkuma X Kumanofude Brushes 1

One thing we’re quite sure: you’ll definitely be more encouraged to apply makeup right after you’ve invested in these super adorable Rilakkuma makeup brushes!

Rilakkuma X Kumanofude Brushes 2
This collaboration that caught our eyes isn’t just an eye candy. Kumanofude is one of the top makeup brush makers in Japan. The brand originates from Hiroshima, a prefecture that’s best known for their calligraphy brushes and makeup brushes. The Kumanofude x Rilakkuma makeup brush collection consists of one powder brush and two blush brushes.

Rilakkuma X Kumanofude Brushes 3

Rilakkuma X Kumanofude Brushes 4

Made with natural wood, the brushes don’t just carry motifs of Rilakkuma on the handle; the kabuki brush also has bristles that feature the character’s adorable face on it. Each regular brush retails at 3,996円 and the kabuki brush retails at 5,940円.

Unfortunately, this collection of brushes is only available for a limited time. From now till 4 September, it’ll only be sold at its store at Osaka. The address: 大阪市阿倍野區阿倍野筋1-1-43(あべのハルカス近鉄本店 ウイング館4階第2催會場).

Most of us probably can’t make it there in time to purchase it. Consider requesting for it over platforms like Airfrov (you can use DVSG10 to get SGD10 off your first purchase) or try your luck at ebay, Carousell, Lazada, or Shopee to see if you can get your hands on it.