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We’ve said it here before: this is a great year for Sailormoon fans. It looks like our prophecy has been fulfilled many times over.

We’re saying this because a set of Sailormoon-inspired brushes has just dropped!

This Sailormoon brush set consists of eight brushes, all of which featuring classic symbols associated with the characters in the popular anime. The eight brushes include a flat shader, blending brush, flat shader brush, fan brush, eyelash brush, eyebrow brush, and an angled brush. These can be purchased individually at SGD7.05 each.

As we ogle at the adorable hearts and gemstones in the design, we can’t help but believe that perhaps these brushes really have magical powers in them to help us achieve better makeup. And if you’re charmed by them, you can get them at SimbaeShop’s Etsy page.