December is when beauty salons all over Singapore are most busy as people want to usher in the new year looking their very best.

If you are still searching for beauty services to get you ready for any Christmas or year-end party, check out our guide below for the best beauty salons in Singapore with incredible deals and discounts.

Hurry up before these deals are gone!

For that glowing, photo-ready skin

Isabella Esthetics Philaroma Paris Skin Rejuvenation Facial

Salon Deals Isabella Esthetics

Want to give facials a try but worry that they might use harsh chemicals that irritate your sensitive skin? Look no further than the Philaroma Paris Skin Rejuvenation Facial at Isabella Esthetics, which uses one of Philaroma’s special ampoules and French algae cold mask treatment.

These natural ingredients nourish and firm up your skin while softening fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a smooth and even complexion.

The active anti-acne ingredients in the facial help reduce sebum and prevent acne, perfect for the acne-prone gals out there!

ThePhilaroma Paris Skin Rejuvenation Facial is available at Isabella Esthetics at a discounted price of SGD88 (choice of Anti-Ageing or Sensitive Skin Treatment), from its usual SGD298. Get this amazing deal here!

BUD Cosmetics Living Nature Detox Facial

Salon Deals Bud Cosmetics

The Living Nature Detox Facial at BUD Cosmetics is another option that is especially suitable for those with acne-prone, oily-combination or congested skin looking for a deep cleansing treatment.

It combines potent organic ingredients such as New Zealand Halloysite Clay and Manuka honey, with expert massage techniques to thoroughly cleanse and detox the skin.

The New Zealand Halloysite Clay helps to unclog and cleanse the pores while the Manuka honey nourishes the skin and enables new skin cells to regenerate.

This Living Nature Detox Facial at BUD Cosmetics is currently going at S$ 118 for 60 minutes. Get this facial here.

My Cozy Room Premium Pore Extraction Facial

Salon Deals Cozy Room

This award-winning Premium Facial comes with pore extraction for an even more thorough deep cleansing treatment.

The manual extraction process removes any stubborn dead skin cells and sebum that tend to clog up your pores, preventing future breakouts. On top of that, the facial also comes with a mask kit that helps hydrate the skin and refine the skin’s texture at the same time, giving you a clear and blemish-free complexion.

Head over to this page and sign up to enjoy a 50% discount on this facial. Discount is available for first-time customers only, valid until 31 December 2019.

Erabelle Japanese Sake Facial

Salon Deals Erabelle Sake Facial

Sake is a regular feature on our dining tables at any Japanese restaurant, but did you know this popular beverage boasts amazing benefits for our skin? This is because the Kojic acid in sake has exfoliating properties, gently smoothing out the skin and brightening up our complexion.

For this reason, Japanese geishas have used sake in their skincare routine for centuries. And now we can all enjoy this incredible skincare ingredient with the luxurious Japanese Sake Facial offered by Erabelle.

Using Organic Japanese Sake, this facial will take you through a meticulous 12-step process including two different masks: a Sake Kasu Paste Mask that has anti-ageing properties and a customised clay mask with sake infusion to soften and brighten the skin.

The treatment even comes with dessert and tea, so you can pamper both your skin and stomach at the same time.

Treat yourself to this one-of-a-kind experience at a 30% discount off the original price of SGD278.20 by signing up here.

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Healing Touch Bio Guasha

Healing Touch Bio Imperial Guasha - BEST GUA SHA FACIAL

This service at Healing Touch offers you a two-in-one experience: a Guasha facial followed by a Bio Mask treatment.

Guasha involves gently scraping your face with a tool to improve microcirculation, rejuvenate and lift your skin. The Bio Mask treatment further enhances these benefits by firming the muscles and refining the pores, giving you a radiant and glowing look.

If you want to give this treatment a try, you can get an 80% discount off the original price of SGD242. Yes, you heard that right. An 80% discount! Sign up here to snatch this too-good-to-be-true offer before it is gone!

Ceramique Aesthetics PDRN Baby Skin Booster Treatment

Ceramiqueaesthetics Pdrnbabyskinboostertreatment 2019 07 24 11 06 21

South Korea is always ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative skincare technology, and PDRN (Salmon DNA) is no exception.

This ingredient boasts powerful anti-ageing effect by encouraging collagen production and regenerating aged and damaged skin cells, giving you radiant, baby smooth skin that will have everyone asking for your skincare secrets!

To enjoy this facial at a discounted price of SGD88 instead of its usual SGD380, purchase a voucher here.

For perfect low-maintenance brows

Allure Beauty Salon Signature Misty Eyebrow

Salon Deals Allure Beauty1

Want those perfect, well-groomed eyebrows but tired of drawing them in every morning? Eyebrow embroidery is the solution you are looking for!

Allure Beauty is one of the leading salons when it comes to brow embroidery, using dual layers of embroidery technique to achieve natural looking brows that still look neat and well-drawn.

As brow embroidery is semi-permanent, lasting up to two to three years, Allure Beauty customises each pair of brows using their golden ratio technique to make sure the shape is suited to your face.

No more fussing with your eyebrow pencil every morning. Sign up here for a first-time discount at SGD99, from the usual SGD212.

For those healthy, luscious locks

Glower Hair Care Hydrating and Moisturised Deep Intensive Mask

Salon Deal Glower Hair Care

Hair is often overlooked when it comes to personal grooming, but did you know that hair care is just as important as skincare if you want your hair to stay healthy and beautiful?

With 23 outlets all over Asia, Glower Hair Care is the expert when it comes to hair care and treatment with a professional team of trichologists and hair care specialists.

The Hydrating and Moisturising Deep Intensive Mask will provide your hair and scalp with essential nourishment to help revitalise damaged hair and maintain the moisture level.

If you are still in doubt, get a free consultation with a senior trichologist at Glower Hair Care today to be advised on the appropriate treatment for your hair.

TK TrichoKare Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment

Salon Deal Tk

We have all heard of skin and body detox, but hair detox is totally a thing, too. Your hair is constantly exposed to the dirty, polluted environment, so it’s important to detox and nourish your hair to prevent damage and hair loss.

The award-winning Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment at TK provides customised European Herbal Remedies to promote hair growth and strengthen hair follicles.

The oil extracts from the herbs will help provide your hair with the necessary nourishment to stay healthy and counteract any effect of ageing.

Sign up for TK’s Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment here and get a free Hair Care Kit + HairGro Serum.

For that slim and toned figure

Kelyn Esther Ultrasonic Body Slim – Thermic Slim OR Cool Anti-Cellulite

Salon Deals Kelyn Esther

To rock that body hugging party dress, head to Kelyn Esther for one of their ultrasonic treatments, which use ultrasonic waves to break down excess fat cells in a specific area, effectively removing them without surgery. You can choose between the Thermic Slim Ultrasonic Slimming Treatment or the Cool-Anti Cellulite Ultrasonic Treatment.

The Thermic Slim treatment offers a heating effect, which encourages microcirculation and aids in the breakdown of fat deposits in the body.

The Cool-Anti Cellulite treatment reduces the appearance of cellulite in areas such as thighs and buttocks, and tightens up the skin.

These two treatments are currently on promotion. Purchase your voucher here to enjoy the discounted price of SGD58 per treatment (U.P. SGD99).

For a smooth, hairless body

Japan IPL Express IPL Hair Removal

Salon Deals Japan Ipl Express

Looking for an effective yet affordable and quick IPL hair removal service? Look no further than Japan IPL Express.

The best thing about Japan IPL Express is that, unlike many other salons, they don’t use hard-sell tactics or push you to buy packages.

They also offer walk-in services so you don’t have to call in advance or worry about having to cancel your appointment should you not be able to make it.

Sign up here to redeem free 20 IPL shots!