There are obvious reasons why beauty brands want to ask celebrities to endorse them. Celebrities have a huge following and can help them reach out to their fans, and at the same time, consumers will associate the brand with their ambassador’s impeccable appearance.

While international celebrities used to be the ones you see on advertising billboards and commercials, local celebrities are becoming the preferred faces to front campaigns of beauty brands. Here are six local beauty ambassadors – some of whom appointed very recently. How many of them did you know are associated to these brands?

1 . Belinda Lee, ASTALIFT


Belinda Lee is an actress and TV host. She’s also the co-author of her book, Larger Than Life: Celebrating the Human Spirit which is a curation of 10 extraordinary people she met throughout her years of travel hosting. The actress has very recently been appointed spokesperson for Astalift, a beauty brand by Fujifilm.

2. Michelle Chong, Pond’s

Michelle Chong - Age Miracle

Comedian Michelle Chong best known for her class acts in popular comedy series The Noose, has been appointed spokesperson for Pond’s Age Miracle range in the middle of last year. This is the first time she’s endorsing a beauty brand and she is also Pond’s first-ever Singaporean ambassador.

3. Jesseca Liu, Estetica

beauty ambassadors_jesseca liu

37-year-old Jesseca Liu has appeared in many shows that you may be familiar with. The Malaysian-born actress has also been the ambassador for Estetica, a local facial salon chain, since 2014. Jesseca is active on Instagram, and can be often see talking about her facial treatments or favourite products from Estetica. We did an interview with Jesseca Liu when she was first appointed spokesperson. Read it for beauty and selfie tips.

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4. Jeanette Aw, Bio-essence

Beauty ambassadors_jeanette aw


Having been in the entertainment industry in Singapore for the last 14 years, Jeanette Aw has established herself as one of the most popular celebrities in Singapore. She has also previously endorsed brands like SK Jewelry and Olay Regenerist. She was appointed the spokesperson for Bio-essence in mid-2015. Bio-essence is a local brand and has always engaged celebrities as ambassadors, and some of their current and previous ambassadors include Taiwanese and Hong Kong celebrities like Vivian Hsu, Linda Chung, and Gigi Lai.

5. Rui En, L ‘Oreal Paris

beauty ambassadors_rui en


Rui En was talent-spotted in 2001 and signed a management contract with Artiste Networks. She landed her first role on a TV series called No Problem. She then moved along to start her singing career and sang the 2005 National Day theme song with Taufik Batisah. Having been appointed to be L’Oreal Paris ambassador, it was also made her the first (and only) Singaporean spokesperson for the international brand.

6. Rebecca Lim, SK-II

beauty ambassadors_rebecca lim


Rebecca Lim is a Singaporean actress who has appeared in both English and Mandarin shows. One of which is Fighting Spiders which landed her the Actress of the Year at ELLE Singapore Awards in 2010. She also won the Best Actress Award in the Star Awards 2015 for her comedic portrayal of a character in the show “Yes We Can!”. SK-II has a line of A-listers as endorsers including Cate Blanchett and Tang Wei, and Rebecca Lim is currently the only Singaporean ambassador they have appointed.

7. Fann Wong, Marie France Bodyline

beauty ambassadors_fann wong


Fann Wong probably doesn’t require much introduction – after all, she’s one of the few Singaporean actresses who made it to the big screens in Hollywood. (She acted together with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson in Shanghai Knights.) When the news of the pregnancy of Fann Wong, who is married to popular local actor Christopher Lee, broke, the baby has been referred to as Singapore’s own “royal baby”.

Slimming centre, Marie France Bodyline, quickly named her their ambassador even before she gave birth, promising to help her return to her pre-pregnancy weight. Fann Wong turned heads by shedding all her pregnancy weight within two months. Read our interview with Fann Wong during her last public appearance before she popped, and our interview with her after she has lost all her pregnancy weight.

Now that we’ve listed down some of the local beauty ambassadors, the question is: do these ambassadors affect consumers positively? And would it make a difference if it was an international or local ambassador? Click to the next page to see the responses we received!