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If you’re a beauty enthusiast, the best way to get inspiration from is on Instagram. It is the perfect platform to get updates on the newest beauty trends and products on the go, in bite-sized pieces. We’ve collated a list of seven beauty Instagrammers we love (and we’re sure you would to!) for many different reasons. So go ahead, show them some love!

1. Leanne (@loveforskincare)

Can you believe this beautiful lady is 43 this year? Perhaps it is her loveforskincare that helps her achieve such ageless beauty. Whatever the case, Leanne, please share your beauty secrets with us!


Did you know that Leanne is a hand cream hoarder? Read all about her amazing hand cream collection in our interview with her.

2. Tiq Zulkifli (@automatiqhigh)

We love that clean, sharp and polished look Tiq carries off so well. Tudung-wearing ladies are going to get a lot of beauty inspirations from her!


3. Amanda (@itsrainingmakeup)

For those who get inexplicably high from seeing tons of makeup, densely placed together in a square, you are going to love Amanda’s feed!


4. Roanna (@paradeoflove)

Roanna features a lot of lipsticks, cheek stains and blushes in varying shades of pink and nude. If you agree with her colour scheme, you’re going to love her recommendations; we’re pretty sure she’s tried everything, judging from her massive collections!


5. Jaszmine Fareed (@jaszminefareed)

Jaszmine has a particular passion for bold, matte lipstick shades. This beauty Instagrammer might only be 20, but she’s definitely wow-ing us with her skill for precise, and sharp lipstick application!

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.17.20 am

6. Hafizah Yazeed (@hafizahyazeed)

Hafizah is the owner of her own bridal and wedding shop, and shares her passion for makeup (particularly bridal ones!) on Instagram. She’s not shy to bare her face in her makeup experiments, and also regularly posts “before” and “after” shots of her clients.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.25.14 am

7. Puvanes Neshrin (@indulg3)

Puvanes is also a professional makeup artist, and uses her face as her canvas. We love that Puvanes states the exact product she uses for each look, so that we know for sure what to get to achieve the same effect! Although her descriptions might be short on Instagram, she has just recently started blogging here with more detailed tutorials for particular looks.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.34.43 am

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