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We know that the skin around our eyes is more delicate than any other part of the skin. This is why it is also the area where signs of ageing tend to creep up first.

Last year, SK-II harnessed the potent efficacies of its famed ingredient, Pitera, and a relatively new active ingredient, the Stem Acanax, which was first found in its best-selling anti-ageing moisturiser, Stempower, to launch the SK-II Stempower Eye Cream (SGD144). The eye cream targets at three points of the eye area that are inclined to see signs of ageing at different time of our lives. Eye bags begin to sag in the 20s, wrinkles form at the eyelids in the 30s, and wrinkles appear at the corner of the eyes in the 40s.

Now, to take the eye care to another level, SK-II also launches the Magnetic Wand that features a tri-magnetic technology.

SK-II Magnetic Wand

How does the magnetic technology work?

The Magnetic Wand is to be used together with the SK-II Stempower because it features a special bi-polar magnetic micro array that specifically matches the molecular properties of Niacinamide, the key ingredient in STEMPOWER Eye Cream. Then, it directs this ingredient to its target: the signs of ageing

Because Niacinamide is repelled by magnets, the wand makes use of these repulsive forces to absorb ingredients into skin for faster and better.

Finally, the wand also induces a micro-electromagnetic field that further enhances the absorption of skincare ingredients.

The SK-II Magnetic Wand and the SK-II Stempower Eye Cream are available at all SK-II counters.