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skin analysis

We’ve often mentioned that understanding your skin is an important step to getting on a right skincare regime. Is your skin considered oily or dry? What is the most worrying skin concern you should be paying the most attention on? How does your skin compare to people your age?

Take the guesswork out of these important questions by getting the information through technology. Here are six places you can get a thorough skin analysis at:

1. Biotherm Blue Smart



Available at Biotherm counters, Blue Smart is a diagnosis tool used by Biotherm’s beauty advisors to help customers understand their skin, so that they can prescribe them the right products.

Blue Smart offers a 3-D view of skin, and is able to use its sensors to measure eight items: pore size, whether there are spots, acne, how much redness there is, how deep wrinkles are, whether skin is hydrated, whether it is elastic, and what’s its sebum level like. All these measurements can be completed within six minutes.

The tool is also able to benchmark your skin’s condition against Asians in your age range – it’s like a report card. You can read more about the Biotherm Blue Smart experience.

2. SK-II Magic Ring

magic ring

Magic Ring is a state-of-the-art analysis device that’s available at all SK-II counters. The device, that uses information like your age, and by taking a magnified view of your skin, is able to measure how your skin fare based on five skin dimensions: spot control, firmness, texture, wrinkle resilience, and radiance. According to SK-II’s scientists, these five measurements determine how healthy your skin looks. The device also tells you what your “skin age” is by comparing your skin against Asian women in your age range.

3. Facial Photographic Analysis at IDS Clinic

ids-keith ids-scanned-keith

At the start of any consultation at the IDS Clinic, a thorough skin analysis is encouraged to help with the consultation process. The advantage that the skin analysis at IDS Clinic has over the other recommendations in this article is that it’s done privately in a room within the clinic (the others are done at open counters or boutiques).

The machine magnifies the photos of your face (taken at different angles) so that the doctor (and you) can scrutinise. The machine is also able to tell you your skin age by benchmarking your skin’s condition against other Asians in your age bracket. Besides helping with the consultation and diagnosis, these images are also helpful in helping you track your skin’s improvement after using IDS’ prescribed treatments and products.

An appointment has to be made for any consultation at IDS, and you can quote “Daily Vanity” to receive a waiver for your consultation. IDS Clinic is located at #05-07 to 10, Novena Specialist Center (that’s next to Oasia Hotel and near Novena Square). Call 6568-3555 to make an appointment.

4. Sphere 2 at IOMA

ioma sphere2

When we talk about using technology to measure skin, we definitely have to mention IOMA. The Parisian brand is known for its development of cutting-edge devices that read and analyse skin’s condition, and also skincare products that are targeted and personalised for their customers’ skin. The scientific diagnosis is an integral part of the IOMA experience.

Globally, IOMA offers three devices that are developed by IOMA founder Jean Michel (who is a scientist) and his team. In Singapore, only one of the devices is available. Called Sphere 2, it can be found at the IOMA counter located at Robinsons Orchard (The Heeren).

IOMA Sphere 2 is the most sophisticated device among the three devices, and gives the most advanced diagnosis. With the help of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), which is able to detect physical phenomena such as pressure, acceleration, and speed in a particular environment, it measures and analyses these: invisible imperfections of skin, skin structure within its deepest layers, and skin’s physical and chemical characteristics such as hydration. The diagnosis can be completed in four minutes.

5. Skin Visiom Machine & Hand Skin Sensor at Shiseido

Shiseido offers the Skin Visiom Machine (available only at the Shiseido counter at Tangs Orchard), which is able to analysis the hydration and sebum level, clarity, turnover and resilience of skin. This in-depth analysis takes about 30 to 45 minutes, and the data can be stored so that customers can come back for regular reviews to see if their skin’s condition has improved.

shiseido hand skin sensor

If you prefer a quicker consultation, Shiseido is also equipped with the Handy Skin Sensor, which measures a few basic dimensions, including your skin’s multi-defensive power (which is its power to defend against aggressors to keep itself beautiful), skin age, skin’s moisture level, melanin level, and skin tone (this is useful for helping you choose the perfect foundation shade).

6. Mobile Skin Analyzer at Lab Series

IMG_0090-51 IMG_1848


For men who prefer to do their skin analysis in an environment that’s designed for men, visit a Lab Series boutique. A sleek and portable device, the Mobile Skin Analyzer at Lab Series features a 3.5-inch LCD screen that provides a clear view of skin images and analysis results. The skin analysis are conducted with the device by Lab Series Specialists who undergo regular education sessions on skincare, and they’re able to offer a menu of instant skin refresh services immediately, based on the analysis results. It’s interesting to note that the device is able to give an analysis on hair as well.