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Want a toned body? Exercise. Want sharper-looking facial contours? Exercise, too! Wait… what?!

Well, we’re not expecting you to lift weights with your cheek muscles, but there are actually a new aesthetic technology that can help emulate a “workout” for your face!

We’re talking about the Slim Face Treatment, a facial service by Lavond Skincare Artistry. Lavond Skincare Artistry is a beauty studio that has been serving clients for more than 20 years and are always on the forefront of beauty trends – they were the ones who brought us the Glass Skin Facial that helps you achieve the “Korean glass skin” look that is highly coveted!

What is the Slim Face Treatment all about?

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Using the latest Japanese technology that combines the use of ultrasonic waves and moving Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), the Slim Face Treatment is a first-of-its-kind facial treatment in Singapore that helps slim down facial contours so your face looks sharper.

Just like how our body needs to exercise to burn and break down fats, the Slim Face Treatment makes use of ultrasonic waves to break down fats into smaller fats molecules, and then moving EMS to burn fats. EMS, in particular, simulate how your muscles react when you’re exercising, so you’ll literally be giving your face a good workout.

Best part? This facial treatment takes only 45 minutes to complete, which makes it the perfect lunch-time fix that anyone can afford time for.

What is the process like?

Lavond Review 10 Min Facial

The treatment will begin with a detailed consultation where Lavond finds out what your expectations are, identify your face shape, and assess how fats are deposited on your face area.

Following the cleansing process, EMS is applied on the face. The most exciting part of the facial is probably when the therapist shows you how different your complexion and face shape looks after the treatment is done on just one side of your face.

The results

Customers say that their complexion look visibly brighter and their facial contours look slimmer and more lifted after a 45-minute session. You are recommended to go for this facial treatment once a week for six weeks, and then once every two to three weeks for more lasting results.

Lavond Slim Face Treatment Review

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Try it for yourself

Just for Daily Vanity readers, enjoy the Slim Face Treatment at just S$88 (UP: S$280)

The Slim Face Treatment is available at Lavond Skincare Artistry, located at  #B1-09A Citylink Mall (1 Raffles Link, Singapore 039393). Call 62388529 or Whatsapp 97813801 for inquiries and appointments.

This article is brought to you by Lavond.