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There are a few things we already know:

  • Collagen is what makes our skin look plump and feel elastic
  • Our body is unable to produce as much collagen as we lose it, no thanks to ageing
  • Collagen drink can help replenish lost collagen

However, a few things can make the idea of drinking a bottle of collagen drink every day less palatable: one reason is that they don’t always smell and taste very good, and the other is that they can be high in calories.

LANEIGE tries to resolve these common problems with its new collagen drink.

Collagen can come from sources such as pigs, cows and fishes. The LANEIGE Collagen Drink is formulated with the tilapia fish because of its low molecular weight, compared to other sources. What this means is that LANEIGE’s formula can be more easily and quickly absorbed by the body.


The drink is generously fortified by this powerful ingredient; each bottle of the LANEIGE Collagen Drink contains collagen sourced from a whole tilapia fish.

Besides this, the drink also contains elastin taken from the aortic bulb of bonito, another kind of fish. This ingredient helps support skin elasticity and improve radiance of the skin.

Thanks to these ingredients, each bottle delivers 5,000mg of collagen peptide to our skin. This is the amount of collagen that is metabolised by the body in a day.


On top of boasting great efficacies, the LANEIGE Collagen Drink also claims to have the lowest amount of calories, compared to similar drinks in the market, at just 105kJ. Free from artificial colouring, preservatives and sugar, the drink has a pleasant fruity flavours that most people will find delicious.

The LANEIGE Collagen Drink will be available from 31 March 2015 and will be priced at SGD52 for a box of 10 bottles. We got hold of two month’s supply of this soon-to-launch product and will be trying them. Check back to Daily Vanity for our review!