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Guess what’s the number 1 anti-ageing concern that Asian women suffer from?

Uneven skin tone and discoloration, according to studies. While good makeup can often help to conceal this problem, StriVectin has launched a new Brighten & Perfect collection that targets at these issues at their root. The collection consists of three products, a serum, moisturiser and mask.


This new skin brightening collection uses advanced anti-ageing technology to address the three phases of uneven skin tone and discoloration through a three-pronged approach.

The three phases and respective solutions are:

Phase 1: The enzyme tyrosinase transitions into its active form and starts to synthesise melanin.

The products work by inhibiting the tyrosinase. The products contain:

  • Vitamin C-Ester to help prevent the formation of melanin precursors, stimulate collagen synthesis and provide both UV and DNA protection.
  • Skin Brightening Complex, including hexylresorcinol, which helps reduce tyrosinase activity by stimulating enzymes in the skin for even skin tone, while protecting against oxidative DNA damage.

Phase 2: Melanin production occurs.

The products also inhibit melanin production with these ingredients:

  • Bellis Perennis Flower Extract, which reduces the binding capacity of the melanocyte receptor in order to decrease the production of melanin in the skin, and therefore naturally lightening skin.
  • Swiss Garden Cress Sprout Compound that helps effectively inhibit melanin formation, decrease skin pigmentation to fade the appearance of dark spots and discolorations, and reduce the effects of daytime stressors.

Phase 3: Melanin is transferred to the surface of the skin resulting in visible skin darkening.

With these ingredients, the products inhibits the transfer of melanin:

  • Proprietary NIA-114™ technology to stimulate a signalling cascade that inhibits the transfer of melanin from melanoctytes (cells that produce melanin) to the surrounding keratinocytes (skin cells) such that hyperpigmentation is reduced.
  • Brown Algae to inhibit the migration of pigmentation towards the upper layers of skin, significantly reducing the size of dark spots and lightening the skin.
  • Oligopeptides to resurface and exfoliate, stimulate cell renewal and remove dry, flaky skin to actively refine and restore skin texture and radiance without irritation.
  • Light Diffusing Micas to deliver instant brightening by reflecting light and blurring imperfections for improved luminosity and instant brightening.

The three products in the collection: Intensive Illuminating Serum (SGD135), Radiance Refining Moisturizer (SGD135) and Instant Revitalizing Mask (SGD95) will be available from 19 March 2015, at Escentials Paragon, Escentials TANGS Orchard and Sephora.

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