When in Thailand, it is hard for anyone to shy away from a beauty haul. The food is cheap, the clothes are cheap and the cosmetics are inexpensive too! How is there any reason for beauty junkies to not splurge on cosmetics and beauty products there. Apart from checking out the international brands, there are also several local beauty brands made in Thailand that are widely popular too! Check out these 10 beauty brands from Thailand that will blow your socks off. PS. There is even one that reminds you of the blusher from M.A.C.

1. Gino McCray

With their skincare products made locally in Thailand, Gino McCray are best known for their eyeliners and blushers. Gino McCray carries two main lines for their blushes and are namely The Professional and The Heritage. With a highly pigmented formula, The Heritage blush is suitable for Asian skin as it adds that extra definition to your face. For those who have trouble finding blushers with in between shades, The Professional has just what you are looking for. From peachy pink to orangey-brown, you will be able to find something that suits your skin tone. Oh and guess what? It even resembles like the popular international brand, M.A.C! With only a fraction of its price, it is no surprise to find Gino McCray blusher in any beauty blogger’s must-buy shopping list.

Gino McCray blush


Gino McCray, The Professional Make Up Blusher
Price: SGD 7.70

Where to get it?



You can find Gino McCray products in Beauty Buffet, a must-go that many beauty bloggers flock to when in Thailand. They carry many labels that are popular among ladies such as Lansley and Scentio. Beauty Buffet has many outlets in Thailand so you need not worry about traveling to obscure places to locate it.

Beauty Buffet

Website: http://www.beautybuffetshop.com/pro/html/web/home_new.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beautybuffetfanpage

2.  Cosluxe

Dominating the beauty scene with their Slim Brow eyebrow pencil, Cosluxe has won the hearts of many beauty junkies. The soft texture of its famous eyebrow pencil makes it easy to apply and draw a structure for your eyebrows. The slim shape makes it easy for even makeup newbies to perfect their brows. For 215 Baht (SGD8.50), this is a product that is worth raving about.

Cosluxe slimbrow pencil


Cosluxe Slim Brow Pencil
Price: SGD 8.50

Where to get it?

You can find Cosluxe products in Watsons, which is in almost every shopping centre in Thailand.

3. Gla Nature

Made from Asian herbs and natural essential oils, Gla Nature carries organic skincare products that are well-received by beauty enthusiasts. Even though they have only just set up their new store in Thailand in early 2016, their shampoos are very popular in Japan, UK and the US. Indulge in a sea of organic herbs and nourishing minerals – you won’t regret it.

Gla Nature bodywash edited


Gla Nature, Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo
Price: SGD 38.00

Gla Nature

Address: 128 Soi Ladphrao 84,, Ladphrao Rd.,, Wangthong Lang,Bangkok, 10310, 10310, Thailand
Website: http://www.glaskincare.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/glaskincarethailand/

4. Namu Life

When you think of an anti-ageing whitening cream from Thailand, Namu Life is a brand that you might think of. This incredibly famous brand is well known for their facial cream, Namu Life Snail White, which aims to regenerate your skin cells. Packed with a rich full of collagen, Namu Life Snail White cream consists of snail mucus and natural glycol acid to help in exfoliation. Just a small pump and it will aim to decrease apparent freckles and fade scars on your face. Its skin whitening effect has made many beauty bloggers give their thumbs up. Be cautious of imitation goods on the streets as there have been reports of inconsistency of quality due to bad buys. You can learn how to differentiate it here

Snail-white-Cream-by-Namu-Life edited


Namu Life, Namu Life Snail White Cream
Price: SGD 55

Where to get it?

You can get Namu Life Snail White Cream at any pharmacy in Thailand. Talk about convenience!
Website: http://www.namulife.com/th/about
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/snail.white.creams/

5. Siam Botanicals

From massage oils to body serums, Siam Botanicals offers an expensive line of organic skincare and body scrubs that are made from natural cold pressed oils and herbs. Being advocates of nature preservation, the packaging uses recycled brown bottles or reusable plastic.

Rose Geranium Milk Cleanser



Siam Botanicals, Rose Geranium Milk Cleanser
Price: SGD 36.90

Siam Botanicals has many products that are worth buying but their Rose Geranium Milk Cleanser and Rosewater Spray are taking the market by storm. This milk cleanser has no synthetics and no sulphates, which further emphasises its reputation of going all natural. Its gentle formula leaves your skin soft and clean without feeling any tightness after wash. If you are one of those who skip using a makeup remover, then you might want to stock up on the Rose Geranium Milk Cleaner as it helps to remove makeup thoroughly as well.

Rosewater Facial Mist



Siam Botanicals, Rosewater
Price: SGD 27.30

A toner-and-facial-spray, this product is made entirely out of rose water. Leaving nothing but a refreshing film of moisture on your face, this product is absolutely praiseworthy.

Siam Botanicals Flagship Store

Address: No 6 OP Garden Mall, Soi Chaloenkrung 36, Chaloenkrung Road, Bangrug, Bangkok 10500
Website: www.siambotanicals.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SiamBotanicals

6. Beautelush

If you are not satisfied with a BB and/or CC cream, then you need to get your hands on Beautelush Babyface DD Cream. Beautelush, a brand that has won a huge following in Thailand, has a strong fan base among the young working adults. Imagine a primer that can help achieve younger-looking skin – that’s exactly what Beautelush Babyface DD Cream does! This primer is also an antioxidant-packed skincare product made from royal jelly, snail mucus and alpha arbutus to help smoothen wrinkles and strengthen your skin with elastin.

Beautelush DD cream


Beautelush, Beautelush Babyface DD Cream
Price: SGD 39.90

It comes in four different shades, each to help achieve different purposes. Many beauty bloggers love the fact that two o the shades accommodate Asians with either olive or yellow skin.

Where to get it?

You can get your hands on the Beautelush Babyface DD Cream at Mahboonkrong (MBK) Centre, This shopping centre is a go-to stop for anything to do with affordable clothing and beauty products. In this eight-storey building, you can swing by any beauty shop from the 1st to 3rd storey to find Beautelush Babyface DD Cream.

Mahboonkrong (MBK) Center
444 Phaya Thai Road Pathumwan Bangkok 10500

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beautelush.thailand/

7. Oriental Princess

Oriental Princess


This museum of beauty products has everything, and yes, I mean everything. From masks, to hair products to body scrubs, you name it and they have it. If you are traveling to Thailand, you really need to check out this place. One of their hot sellers is their whitening sunscreen. This concentrated formula helps to coat your skin with a natural protection against the harmful UV rays and helps to restore fairness to skin at the same time. Just a small amount of this water-resistance sunscreen is all it takes to let it work its charm.

Where to get it?

Oriental Princess has many outlets across Thailand. Check out here to see where to locate them.

Website: http://www.orientalprincesssociety.com/chinese/index.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orientalprincesssociety

8. Erb

Being named the next possible luxury cosmetic brand in Thailand, Erb was one of the nominees for the Golden Crown at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards Asia in 2015. This leading fragrance brand launched the first perfume bar in the country in 2012, allowing people to customise their signature scent. Apart from that, their body serums are highly sought after. They carry four scents that will knock your socks off, namely: jasmine, mint, germinated wheat, and red rice. After applying it all over your body, all it takes is just 30 seconds for it to be fully absorbed.

erm body serum 2 edited


Erb, Body Serum
Price: SGD 58.60


Address:  4,4 / 1-2,4 / 4, Ratchadamri Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Website: http://www.erbasia.com/th/info-01/

9. Srichand

Srichand has been an old brand and has its fair share of loyal fans. After going through a major rebranding, it seems like the younger market is starting to take notice and have grown to like it. With its vintage-looking boxes, it is bound to earn its way into the hearts of beauty lovers. If you’re looking for one product to try, consider the Tanaka Gold Power Mask, which is growing in popularity. With its fine, gold coloured powder, add a few drops of water to create a clay-like consistency to apply onto cleansed face. Pores are visibly reduced which makes your skin look more radiant and youthful. Oh and did we mention that helps reduce the look of pigmentation too?

Scrichand edited


Srichand, Tanaka Gold Powder Mask
Price: SGD 11.90

Where to get it?

You can get your hands on Srichand products at any Eve and Boy outlet. Its largest outlet can be found at Siam Square, a popular tourist destination.

Eve and Boy

Address: 186 Square Soi 1 Road, Pathumwan. Bangkok 10330


10. Ver.88

Positioned to target the needs of Asian skin, Ver.88 first started off as an importer of Korean beauty products. After launching its first product in Thailand, the brand started gaining popularity and their Bounce up Pact is something worth splurging on. This compact powder acts as both a BB cream and primer that has SPF 50. The fact that it does not crack up when used on the face is something that many of its fans adore. On top of that, it helps to control excessive oil secretion. Is there any reason that you should not add this to your shopping list?

Ver88 Original Thailand edited


Ver.88, Bounce up Pact
Price: SGD16.50

Where to get it?

You can find Ver.88 Bounce up Pact at any pharmacy in Thailand.



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