When in Thailand, it is hard for anyone to shy away from a beauty haul. The food is cheap, the clothes are cheap and the cosmetics are inexpensive too! How is there any reason for beauty junkies to not splurge on cosmetics and beauty products there. Apart from checking out the international brands, there are also several local beauty brands made in Thailand that are widely popular too! Check out these 10 beauty brands from Thailand that will blow your socks off. PS. There is even one that reminds you of the blusher from M.A.C.

1. Gino McCray

With their skincare products made locally in Thailand, Gino McCray are best known for their eyeliners and blushers. Gino McCray carries two main lines for their blushes and are namely The Professional and The Heritage. With a highly pigmented formula, The Heritage blush is suitable for Asian skin as it adds that extra definition to your face. For those who have trouble finding blushers with in between shades, The Professional has just what you are looking for. From peachy pink to orangey-brown, you will be able to find something that suits your skin tone. Oh and guess what? It even resembles like the popular international brand, M.A.C! With only a fraction of its price, it is no surprise to find Gino McCray blusher in any beauty blogger’s must-buy shopping list.

Gino McCray blush


Gino McCray, The Professional Make Up Blusher
Price: SGD 7.70

Where to get it?



You can find Gino McCray products in Beauty Buffet, a must-go that many beauty bloggers flock to when in Thailand. They carry many labels that are popular among ladies such as Lansley and Scentio. Beauty Buffet has many outlets in Thailand so you need not worry about traveling to obscure places to locate it.

Beauty Buffet

Website: http://www.beautybuffetshop.com/pro/html/web/home_new.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beautybuffetfanpage

2.  Cosluxe

Dominating the beauty scene with their Slim Brow eyebrow pencil, Cosluxe has won the hearts of many beauty junkies. The soft texture of its famous eyebrow pencil makes it easy to apply and draw a structure for your eyebrows. The slim shape makes it easy for even makeup newbies to perfect their brows. For 215 Baht (SGD8.50), this is a product that is worth raving about.

Cosluxe slimbrow pencil


Cosluxe Slim Brow Pencil
Price: SGD 8.50

Where to get it?

You can find Cosluxe products in Watsons, which is in almost every shopping centre in Thailand.

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