When we speak about “whitening” in the beauty world, it usually refers to eliminating the appearance of dark spots, dull complexion and uneven skin tone. Most of the time, we see the over-production of melanin as our common enemy.

shu uemura, however, has identified other factors that can lead to irregular skin tone. They are four skin tone irregularities that impact on the overall appearance of makeup: brown, red, yellow and green.

What Cause These Four Colours?


Yellow: Yellowish skin tone is usually caused by the formation of lipoperoxides, and are triggered by ageing. This sallow shade prevents you from achieving a rosy finish in your makeup.

Brown: This colour is caused by dark spots and pigmentation and can make it hard to achieve an even makeup finish.

Red: Caused by inflammation and acne, undesired redness in the skin prevents it from looking ideal with makeup.

Green: Unhealthy skin can sometimes show up as a greenish tone in the complexion, led by poor microcirculation. Skin can look drained and pale.

What Can Help?

This March, shu uemura launched the new blanc:chroma chroma4 clarifying essence. This fights specifically against the four chroma imperfections so that luminous, transparent skin can be achieved.


This essence is first fortified with Olive Leaf Extract, which can help reduce the formation of lipoperoxides so that skin will appear less yellow. A whitening active ingredient, Melano SW, on the other hand, helps to fight pigmentation and protect skin from darkening when exposed to UV rays. It also contains Boldo leaf, known for its skin conditioning properties to gently reduce redness in skin. Finally, Corrallina officinialis red seaweed reinforces the skin barrier and helps skin look healthier, and eliminate the look of pale skin and greenish dullness.

It comes in a pinkish purple tone, which is designed by shu uemura atelier artists, so that the transparency of Asian skin can be enhanced right before makeup.

The new shu uemura blanc:chroma chroma4 clarifying essence retails at SGD120 (30ml) and works best with the blanc:chroma brightening & polishing gentle cleansing oil, a clay-in cleansing oil that can polish away accumulated melano-stains (dead cells containing melanin on the skin surface that cause uneven and dull skin tone). The cleansing oil retails at SGD55 for 150ml and SGD125 for 450ml.

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