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Making videos and putting them on YouTube is more than just filming, editing and uploading content. Anyone can upload anything on YouTube, but what makes a video a good one that would garner more views and subscribers?

Beauty Bound Asia Semi Finals 1

Beauty Bound Asia Semi Finals 2

I headed over to the Beauty Bound Asia Semi-Finalist workshop where YouTube Partner Managers shared some fundamental tips to grow your YouTube channel. Here are the top six tips we got from the workshop!

1 . Shareability

Create videos that would resonate with people to make them share it. Just like your favourite BuzzFeed articles or one of Daily Vanity’s articles like, 7 Ways to Protect Your Hair Against Skin & Hair Pollution, “sharable” topics are those people can relate to and would share with others for their own benefit. The content should be valuable and useful to people so that they’ll pass on what they’ve learned from watching your video.

2 . Conversation

It takes a while to get used to talking comfortably in front of a camera, but just pretend you’re addressing your best friends! Doing voice-overs seem simpler, but it removes the whole idea of you speaking directly to your audience. It’ll be even better if you share a little bit more with your viewers about your daily life – kind of like daily vlogs, if you’re not a daily vlogger already.

3 . Interaction

Once you have conversing with your audience down (via the camera and internet, of course), talk to them personally via social media platforms or the comments section! In your videos, you can even pose questions like asking your viewers to share their thoughts, or their personal tips or recommendations. That way your viewers would feel like you are listening to them too. It’s always good to have positive two-way communication.

4 . Consistency

Pick a day and time where you’ll upload your videos, and inform your viewers about it so that they have something to look forward to. Consistency also refers to the type of videos you put up. Are they beauty videos? Vlogs? Games? If you have a mix of them, you can make them clear in your YouTube channel banner to let old and new subscribers know what your videos are about.

5 . Accessibility

Accessibility refers to the element of your videos that would be appreciated by a brand new viewer. When you decide to film a video, do you think a new viewer would find it helpful? Secondly, it takes just a minimum of 10 seconds for people to decide if they want to continue watching your videos or not. So introduce what your video is about within the first 10 seconds of your video.

6 . Inspiration

They say that ideas that come from the heart are always the best kind. Make videos about things you’re passionate about and express them through your videos. Let your personality shine such that even through the computer, your viewers can feel how passionate you are about whatever you’re filming.

Challenges as a Finalist

I won’t share how exactly I got through in this article, but you can watch my video where I explained myself here! Read on to find out the challenges (at least to me!) of being a Finalist of Beauty Bound Asia.

1 . Churning out videos

I’ve always uploaded videos once a week on my YouTube channel. That usually gives me about a week to film and edit a video. Since Beauty Bound Asia, I had to churn out more videos! I enjoy filming, editing and uploading content on my channel, but given that I have a full-time job, it’s pretty challenging.

2. Constant battle with yourself (well, in this case, myself)

I think I’m a competitive and determined person. However, the odd thing is that I’m not competitive with other people – I’m competitive with myself. I constantly want to do bigger things, and learn new things not to impress or please other people, but to please myself. Being in this competition has pushed me to figure out how I can present my videos better, and overall, use all the tips and tricks I’ve learned in the workshops to become a better YouTube creator. At times, I put too much pressure on myself and the product would not be as fantastic as I had envisioned it to be.

I always have to stop, and tell myself that in whatever I do, it needs to come from the heart; it needs to be sincere; it needs to be purposeful and I need to LOVE it.

3. Balancing between competition, and my loyal subscribers

One of the reasons why I didn’t jump on the opportunity to begin with was because I didn’t want my subscribers to think I was “abandoning” them. Maybe some of them don’t even think that way, I don’t know, and perhaps I’m being paranoid. But most of my subscribers have seen me since my pre-brow maintenance days until now (Don’t ask. My brows had a life of their own), and I just don’t want them to think that because of this competition, my videos will all be Beauty Bound Asia-related. I still want to put up my own content, just like how I always do. So I make sure that I still communicate with them via the comments section of videos or on Instagram.

Overall thoughts…

I feel very privileged to be given the opportunity to learn more about YouTube and content creating in general. I have two takeaways from this experience that speaks to me the most:

Firstly it’s the new friends I’ve made along the way-

Beauty Bound Asia Collage

And lastly, in whatever you do, it must come from a good place. And to do that, you have to just be yourself. (Editor’s note: This is how Tiara is really like, in real life):

tiara gif