summer holiday

It’s summer. While we have summery weather all year round, this is the season when the weather gets especially sweltering, giving us a compelling reason to stay indoors. But we say, get outside and enjoy the sun! Whether you are jetting off in an air plane to a summer resort or planning a weekend basking in the sun, we have all the right things to make you look and feel absolutely summer-ready!

Prepare to add some summer fun into your vanity bag!

1. Armour up with UV protection

UV protection is essential all-year round, and should not be taken lightly especially during summer. To avoid UV damage that can cause premature wrinkles, dark spots due to overproduction of melanin, and in worst-case scenarios, skin cancers, remember to lather a sunscreen with sufficient protection (at least SPF 30) all over your exposed skin.

And of course, special care has to be given to our face as it is the most delicate skin exposed to direct sunlight. Armour up with Albion’s new Super UV Cut Repair Perfection Base SPF 50+, PA ++++, which protects skin cells from both UVA and UVB rays, and soothes inflammation caused by UV rays.

Albion Super UV Cut Repair Perfection Base

This refreshing and water-light formula also delivers anti-glycation benefits, reversing the damage and look of yellow, harden cells, giving you a fresh and beautiful skin tone. The benefits of this power-packed makeup base do not end there! Not only does it prevent UV damage, it effectively prevents and repairs damage, revealing younger skin with new firmness and brightness.

Albion Super UV Cut Repair Perfection Base SPF 50+, PA ++++ (40g) retails for SGD87 and is available at Takashimaya and Metro Centrepoint Albion counters.

2. Wear feather-light foundation

During summer when everyone perspires like a melted ice cream, foundation that feels like nothing on your face is a dream. We have just the right thing to make your dream come true.

Etude House Real Powder Cushion lets you experience air-light powdery perfection with its powder conversion technology that converts liquid formula into a feathery light matte powder finish upon application. For ladies who prefers matte to dewy, this convenient cushion compact which promises long-lasting foundation is definitely for you to take on your summer holidays. Heck, take it wherever you go! We love this compact as it is so thin as compared to your regular BB Cushions – remarkably sleek!

real powder cushion_front  Open cut(Natural beige)

Many rave about cushion compacts as they are incredibly fast to put on, and a life-saver when it comes to emergency touch-ups. Etude House Real Powder Cushion tops it all with its unique 5-in-1 formula that combines the function of a primer, BB cream, concealer, powder pact and oil control powder, and effectively conceals blemishes and enlarged pores in a single application.

The Etude House Real Cushion Powder retails at SGD32 (15g) at all Etude House stores island-wide.

3. Dominate with summer kisses

You can’t separate a bright lip from summer, as it instantly brings fun and energy to your entire look. Bright red, neon pinks and orange are just about the hottest hues this season. If you’re not ready to bring on the entire party to your face, try an equally fun colour which is super wearable and flattering for every skin tone.

Eden boxes and product

Lipstick Queen brings you Eden Magical Apple Red Lipstick, the most luscious and tempting lipstick on earth. Imagine taking a bite from the most beautiful apple in the world, retaining its vibrant and juicy colour on your lips. It’s semi-sheer red brings summer to your lips without being too over-the-top. And who doesn’t love a lip colour that you can swipe on without a mirror? 

Pop this versatile lipstick into your vanity bag and never leave home without it. You don’t have to worry about dry lips with Eden thanks to the abundance of natural oils including Sunflower seed, Meadow Foam seed and Olive Oil. One swipe when you’re on your flight, two swipes when you’re suntanning at the beach, and three swipes when you’re out in the big cities; you’ll never have an occasion when you are not able to wear it this summer!

Lipstick Queen Eden Magical Apple Red Lipstick (3.5g) retails at SGD32.

4. Control the acne monster

Summer can be a challenging time for your skin with the concoction of heat, humidity, oil and sweat on top of your makeup. Long-haul flights and a change of temperature and humidity levels during your summer travels can also disrupt normal skin balance, causing skin breakouts. A simple tweak to your skincare can drastically change the condition of your skin during this hot season.

Switch up your skincare products for 100% oil free Orbis Clear Series which is packed with active ingredients designed to improve skin’s resistance against acne, prevents acne aggravation and promotes skin renewal.


<Cleanser> ORBIS CLEAR WASH, 120g, $21
Removes pores clogging impurities to correct and clean the entrance for active ingredients to permeate the skin.

<Lotion> ORBIS CLEAR LOTION, 180ml, $25
A permeating toning lotion that ensures active ingredients are absorbed deep within the pores to treat the root causes of acne.

<Moisturiser> ORBIS CLEAR MOISTURE, 50g, $28
Improves skin barrier functions while protecting it from external irritants, eliminating acne concerns for soft and moisturised skin.

ORBIS Clear Series is available at all ORBIS boutiques and counters. Click on this link to read more about what the series does.

5. Nourishment for the frizzy summer hair

Taming frizzy hair is a daily battle for women, especially when humidity levels hit the highest during summer. We’re excited and so we are getting straight to the point – John Frieda has unveiled its new game-changing hair-transforming 10 Day Tamer Pre-Wash  Treatment which leaves your hair frizz-free for up to 10 days straight!

John Frieda 10 Day Frizz Ease Pre Wash Treatment.jpg (product)

This pioneering beauty elixir is our secret weapon for your summer get-away as it leaves hair soft, silky and smooth, lasting through five washes. Working within the hair, it fights frizz at the source, softening the hair fibre and providing an ultra-defense against humidity.

Apply onto dry hair from root to tip (in sections for easy application), and leave it on for eight to ten minutes before rinsing off. Even though application takes a little more effort than some hair treatments, it’s long-lasting effects make it totally worth it.

DV Tip: After application on dry hair, wrap your hair up with a towel to prevent it from dripping. You can now do whatever you want such as watching a YouTube video or choosing your day’s outfit as you wait!

John Freida’s 10 Day Tamer Pre-wash Treatment retails SGD21.90 and is available at all Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage, FairPrice Finest and FairPrice Xtra outlets.

6. Peeping through fresh eyes

Fresh, bright-looking peepers is key to summer beauty, in contrast to the dark, soulful eyes reserved for autumn and winter. Eye creams should be in your beauty regime both at night and in the day. However, many eye creams are thick in consistency, and feels too heavy on the eyes to be worn underneath makeup in the day, especially during the hot and humid months of summer.HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Gel Yeux cropped

Chanel’s new Hydra Beauty Micro Gel Yeux is the one thing you cannot miss out in your travel bag. An eye beauty basic, the eye gel provides precious benefits for moisturised, intensely smooth and visibly refreshed eyes. What makes Chanel’s new launch a unique sensory experience is the technology behind it; in short, having extremely fine micro-droplets of active ingredients fuse with your eye contour. The result? The sensation of freshness and lightness of water with the gentleness of and emulsion, and of course, a sparkle in your eyes that you’ve never seen.

Whether in the morning or night, on the plane or at the comfort of your home, apply Hydra Beauty Micro Gel Yeux to your eye contour. Smooth from the inner corner outwards, below the eye and then on the eyelid. Gently pat with your ring fingertips to stimulate microcirculaton and to boost radiance.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Gel Yeux retails at SGD96 and is available from 3 June 2016.

7. Bring summer wherever you go

Most of us wish we can go on vacation all summer, but that’s not always possible. The next best thing is to bring scents of summer wherever you go! Give yourself a sensory experience of the summer holiday, even when you are caught up with life’s commitments.

Giorgio Armani calls their summer fragrances ‘Bottled Joy’, and we couldn’t agree more. Imagine a sunset falling on still waters, as the cool crisp wind sweeps past and an unmistakable joy bubbles up within you – that is how the joy of summer feels like. Even when you are surrounded by concrete forest, you can still immerse yourself in summer with Giorgio Armani two new bottles of joy – Air Di Gioia (The Winds of Freedom) and Sun Di Gioia (Sunlight Taking Flight).


Like the joy of being hit by an unexpected waft of sea spray, this woody-citrus scent exudes happiness with mandarin-neroli, peony and patchouli.


This amber bottle infused with light cradles a modern floriental scent surging with bergamot-freesia, frangipani-ylang-ylang-Sambac jasmine, and a warm base composed of iris, vanilla, and benzoin,

Giorgio Armani’s new fragrances retail at SGD99/50ml and SGD119/100ml.

8. Combat shiny oily skin

Hot and humid weather can aggravate oily skin, leading to even more oil production from our sebaceous glands. Oily skin is nasty because it is associated with other skin problems such as visible larger pores, black heads and acne.


Try the new Biore Burst of Joy Deep Clean Facial Foam (SGD7.90) or the Marshmallow Deep Clean Facial Wash (SGD13.90). These two cleansers are equipped with the improved Skin Purifying Technology to keep dirt and excess sebum at bay, and help hydrate skin so it feels moist and soft after washing. They are also designed to help with oil control so your skin feels matte and clean. Both are available at all pharmacies, hypermarkets, supermarkets, beauty stores, department stores and selected minimarts.

9. Shower TLC on your body skin


A cooling shower can be a treat during summer; take the chance to pamper your body skin too. Don’t forget about your body. Byphasse, a brand from Barcelona that is known for developing dermo gels for those with sensitive or atopic-prone skin, has launched shower cream in three new fragrances: Milk Protein, Vanilla Extract, and Rosehip. Its formula are at pH5.5 – the same acidity as normal skin – to avoid irritating the skin. Byphasse Shower Cream retails at SGD9.90 each, and is exclusively available at selected Watsons stores.