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Now we all know that the United Kingdom (UK) is home to tea and scones, the hugely popular city of London and the global sensation that is of One Direction. From their food to the sights and culture, the UK seem to have it all. And it comes as no surprise that they stock up some pretty good makeup brands that are seemingly exclusive to their local stores.

It might be a case of “we want what we can’t have”, but here are some of the UK makeup brands that we wished we could find right here in our sunny island.

1. Sleek MakeUP

This high street makeup brand has managed to merge affordability with functionality with their range of high-quality makeup and drugstore prices. Achieve that killer cheekbone with their highly popular Cream Contour Kit (£10.99), which comes at just a fraction of the price of its luxury brand counterpart.

Their other top-seller, the Solstice Highlighting Palette comes with four milky shades that dazzles with their soft luminous sheen. For its price of just £10, it ticks all the checkboxes of being pigmented with a great colour payoff. All while being encased in a sleek (sorry, we just had to) casing.

2. Topshop Beauty

As if our favourite fashion brand isn’t lovable enough with their trendy pieces, Topshop has made it even harder to resist them with their affordable beauty line. You can expect the same level of taste and trend being incorporated into their makeup, allowing you finish your Topshop look from head to toe.

Popular beauty Youtuber Zoella even dubbed their line of Lips lipstick (£8) as a cheaper alternative to the popular MAC lippies. “There is not one thing I can fault with Topshop lipsticks, they tick every box in my opinion,” said the beauty vlogger on a blog post.

And we can’t help but agree – smooth and creamy finish with long staying power – you’ll want to try this if you haven’t already done so.

3. MUA (Make Up Academy)

With a name as serious as MUA, or Make Up Academy, you’d expect their beauty line to be an authority among drugstore products. And most of their products live up to the expectations. The brand prides itself on producing great beauty products at a “super low cost”, and we couldn’t thank them enough.

Out of all their products, we like the Undressed Eyeshadow Palette (£4) for basically being the cheap cousin of the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette. They aren’t just similar in terms of suggestive names; the Undressed palette features a seductive selection of nudes and shimmer for you to achieve that sensual smoky look.

4. No7

No7 is the makeup line from British drugstore brand Boots. And just like Boots, which is known for being a no-frills and extensive pharmacy/ drugstore, you can expect the same straightforward ethos in No7. Regardless of what you need, there’ll probably be something that will meet your needs while fitting nicely within your budget.

We know of people swear by the No7 Precision Lips Pencil (£6.75) for their precision and colour, and people who love the pigmented No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow (£7) that also comes in a wide variety of hues to suit any occasion. It really is hard to say “no” to this widely versatile and comprehension beauty line right.

5. Charlotte Tilbury

This brand commands the most star power of the lot, thanks to the founder and brains behind the brand, Charlotte Tilbury. Ms Tilbury is a makeup artist who has worked the likes of supermodel Gisele Bündchen and the recent Golden Globes 2017 look on Nicole Kidman. Her wealth of experience has inspired her makeup line that’s filled with glamour and glitz.

Besides the Matte Revolution Lipstick (£23), which you may already know about, the internet went crazy over their Magic Foundation (£29.50) which provides full coverage while leaving your skin feeling light and hydrated throughout the day.

6. Barry M

Known primarily for their bright and vivid colours, Barry M is a UK cosmetic label that’ll have you gawking at their colour and collection like a kid in a candy store. Don’t just focus on your face and show your nails some love too. The nail polishes from Barry M have a formula that’s lasting and with great colour pay-off. You’ll get none of the streaky applications but all of the great exotic hues.

They even have a Coconut Infusion line (£4.99) to help moisturise your nail beds to keep them hard and healthy, all while spotting a delicious new colour!

7. Skin & Tonic

We end our list with somewhat of a cult beauty brand from the very heart of London, where the founders have put forth a beauty line that’s full of heart for the environment and the skin. Enter Skin & Tonic, where they create everything using organic and ethical ingredients to create something honest and natural.

For all the busybees (which is really everyone out there), the Steam Clean (£27) is the relaxing face mask you never knew you needed.

With cleansing ingredients like thistle oil and the the rejuvenating eucalyptus extract, massage the balm over your face to remove dirt and refresh your skin. It comes with a 100% organic cotton cloth for you to soak in warm water and place over your face to let the steam activate all the essential oils and work its magic beneath the pores. You’ll feel relaxed, while you skin feels cleaned and nourished.

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