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Wish unicorns were real? Beauty brands have made unicorn-inspired products a reality and unicorn-lovers can now bring a piece of magic home. Here are seven you need to collect!

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1. Brushes made from “unicorn hair”

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Enter the Spectrum Collections website and one of the first things you’ll see is a “disclaimer” that says “No unicorns were harmed in the making”. Cute!

We’re not surprised why this disclaimer is needed. After all, their claim to fame is the brushes that looked like they could have been made with the mane of a unicorn. Too magical!

And if you need more unicorn-inspired brush options, here’s another one by Unicorn Lashes UK that even has a handle that looks like the horn of a unicorn.

2. Take your pick of rainbow highlighters

The rainbow highlighter fad began with the PRISM highlighter that’s sold on Etsy by Bitter Lace Beauty.

But there have been several spinoffs, including one by popular drugstore brand Wet n Wild.

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But the latest that has stolen the hearts of unicorn-lovers? The Unicorn Heart highlighter by I Heart Makeup, which has a softer finish and iridescent glow.

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3. Holographic lip glosses

We talked about holographic lip glosses from Sigma Beauty a while ago, and haven’t got over it yet. These gorgeous lip glosses can be worn on their own or over your favourite lipstick to change its colour.

4. Primer-and-serum that glitters

A multi-functional product, this primer-and-serum by Farsali is aptly named “Unicorn Tears” because of its glittery, cotton-candy pink colour. Free of oil, paraben, and sulfates, this product is to be massaged onto clean face to help foundation glide on more easily. It’s said to be packed with antioxidant benefits too, and can be mixed into your night cream to reinforce hydrating effects. Watch how it glows:

5. Glow-in-the-dark hair

Multi-coloured pastel hair is so passé. Your new hair goal? This glow-in-the-dark hair. Under natural-light, hair looks like your usual rainbow dye job, but in the dark, it has a blinding neon glow. It’s enchanting to watch!

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6. The ultimate glitter palette

This is one glitter bomb we absolutely don’t mind receiving. By MBA Cosmetics, this product is made up of pressed glitter eyeshadows, put together onto a glittery palette. The obscene amounts of glitter will put a unicorn to shame. Check out what we mean here:

And if you’re looking for a more mainstream option, we absolutely recommend the Moondust palette by Urban Decay, which is so gorgeous we can’t bear to use it.

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7. A peel-off face mask made from “unicorn blood”

The internet calls the GlamGlow GRAVITYMUD Firming Treatment, a mud-based, peel-off face mask, “unicorn blood” because of how it changes colour from white to silver. This product is applied with a brush that comes with the packaging and when it dries, peel it off to reveal skin that looks more taut and lifted. Check out this vlogger’s demonstration and review of this amazing product.


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