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Let’s face it: it’s probably easier to buy gifts for women than men. While most women will appreciate flowers or a piece of jewellery, we usually need to crack our heads over what to get for our favourite man.

If you’re looking for some inspiration this Valentine’s Day, these 10 gift ideas may just be what you’re looking for.

1. The suit in a bottle: Dior’s Homme Eau de Toilette

Dior Homme

With Robert Pattinson (aka Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter and Edward Cullen from Twilight) as Johnny Depp’s successor in being the face of Dior Homme fragrances, you can be sure that the Dior Homme Eau de Toilette drips with masculine charm. Newly launched in the City of Love, Paris, on 17 January, this much awaited perfume boasts precious ingredients as its notes: atlas cedar, patchouli, and vetiver that blend together to create a warm, woodsy scent, lingering for hours after the first spritz.

Get this coveted scent at all Dior counters island wide from February 2020.

2. For the couple who loves quality time: “Everlasting Love” Spa Experience

Ganbanyoku Stone Bed

If quality time is your love language, we have the perfect answer (and excuse for a spa treatment) for both of you. Ikeda Group’s “Everlasting Love” collection features combinations of luxurious and unheard of treatments like the White Wine Onsen and White Chocolate Scrub, each lasting for 30 minutes, and the 90-minute White Rose Aromatherapy Massage. Why go to Japan to soak in an Onsen when you can experience it right here in Singapore?

Book your retreat at Ikeda Spa at the promotional price of $538+ and save 23% off your final bill!

3. For the traveler: A luxury shaving travel kit

For the partner who’s always travelling and appreciates the little luxuries in life: this über travel-friendly The Art of Shaving “4 Elements of the Perfect Shave” kit. In addition to being ultra portable, this all-pleasing sandalwood scented shaving set also guards against inconveniences like razor burns and ingrown hair, and won’t irritate sensitive skin during his travels.

Buy this at Sephora at USD60 and get free shipping!

4. For the well-groomed man: Braun’s Shavers and Beard Trimmer

Help your man keep his proudly grown beard immaculate with this super precise beard trimmer (SGD107) from Braun, or get a close yet clean shave with their highly rated shaver (SGD89) that comes with different attachments to achieve different looks, and yet doesn’t break the bank.

5. For your skincare freak: SK-II’s Men Facial Treatment Essence

Closeup 830 Skii Web B5c9bcdf53d3c6dd03b7ba79ad4beacc0bafb157 1523777992

If your partner is as meticulous with his skincare routine as you are, treat him with something extra special this Valentine’s Day. SK-II’s original Facial Treatment Essence was so highly raved about, they created a specialised version for men that reviewers claim helps reduce pore size, control oil, rid of pimples and much more.

Give the gift of clear skin with this magic in a bottle at any SK-II counter or Sephora starting at SGD108.

6. For the lazy ones: Birchbox’s Monthly Grooming Subscription


When a specially customised box full of grooming supplies is delivered to his doorstep each month, there isn’t a good enough reason to refuse using the luxurious products waiting inside. Birchbox’s subscription service allows you to pick your preferred products, including premium shaving creams and hair pomades from renowned brands like Kiehl’s and Jack Black, depending on his concerns.

At no extra delivery fees, get the Birchbox Grooming Kit (psst, there’s a beauty kit version for you too!) at USD10 a month – cancel at anytime!

7. For the stylish: Hanz de Fuko’s Hair Collection


Closeup 1 Product 40232614590 Hanz De Fuko Anti Fade Conditioner 237ml 9e94f48566cd053ba8370932f2b9c29ac9959baf 1564133181

Just like us, their hair is widely regarded as one of their most important features. Hanz de Fuko’s hair collection has waxes and dry shampoos with different finishes (shine or matte) and holds for the man in your life who has fabulous hair and knows it.

The collection retails at Sephora, starting at SGD30 for a shampoo, body wash, or conditioner.

8. For men who do makeup: Chanel’s Boy Collection

1548059625895879 Boy De Chanel 2

Men wearing makeup is common in South Korea and if your man is one of those who has hopped on this trend, give him nothing but the best.

Arguably one of the world’s biggest luxury houses, Chanel launched the Boy de Chanel beauty line last year, starring the light-coverage Le Teint foundation (SGD114), Stylo Sourcils eyebrow pencil (SGD62), and the clear Lip Balm (SGD55).

They’re all matte, for the male equivalent of that au naturale Glossier poster girl look. Exclusively available at Ion Orchard, Marina Bay Sands, Raffles City, and Vivo City Chanel Fragrance and Beauty counters.

9. For the gym rat: Kopari’s deodorant

Closeup 1 Product 851989006824 Kopari Coconut Oil Charcoal Deodorant 57g 1d3e9b83d73c6d89b7a27694f0f13768f3363610 1564565816

When your partner is living up to his new year’s resolutions of hitting the gym, its time to reward him with a worthy deodorant, like this one from Kopari that’s available at Sephora (SGD25) and Kopari’s website (USD14). Made with coconut oil and charcoal as its active ingredients, this non-toxic, plant-based deodorant rids of the bacteria that causes odor in the first place, and may just earn its spot as a staple in his gym bag.

10. For the techie: Lifetrons’s 3-in-1 Cleansing and Massage tool

Gifts For Men Lifetrons

Why do everything yourself when technology could do it for you- in half the time? We’re willing to bet your tech obsessed partner would agree and love this three-in-one tool that can brush teeth, and clean and massage the face with its three separate attachments.

Retails on Zalora for SGD78.90.