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Having a personal glamour area to start your morning and to end the day is important in every girl’s routine. More than a necessity, it is our dream to own the perfect beauty vanity. It is our “cosy corner” where the beauty magic happens – from hair and makeup, to outfits and accessories.

We know it can be a huge headache when deciding how the “perfect vanity” should look like; creating not only something which suits your personality and room’s overall theme, it has to be tailored according to your beauty routine and lifestyle. Daily Vanity is here to help! Bringing to you nine vanity inspirations and tips to create your own dream beauty paradise.

1. Best vanity for the perfect makeup look

To nail your makeup every morning, the trick is to have as much natural light as possible. This way, you won’t have to worry about your lighting being too warm and too cool, which we all know can be misleading when applying makeup.

natural light vanity


2. It’s so fluffy!

Who wouldn’t like a warm, fluffy welcome into your vanity corner? This fluffy rug helps you ease into the morning and wind down at night. For the beauty junkies, hidden storage is a must! Not only is it space-saving, it ensures your vanity is never cluttered. Unless you’re a beauty hoarder… which means it’s time to de-clutter!

fluffy vanity


hidden storage


3. Who doesn’t love these touches of gold?

If you’re obsessed about gold details, you’ll love this vanity table that is even more perfect with a huge mirror. Always opt for a bigger mirror for your vanity if you do not already have a full-length mirror in your room to do a last check on your outfit before zooming off for your day’s appointments. Add some fluffiness to your vanity chair and you’ll be sinking into paradise.

gold vanity


4. Two Dreams in One Paradise – Vanity Table within a walk-in wardrobe

If you have the luxury of space in your home, this next vanity idea lets you combine your beauty and fashion dreams into one. The minimalist style with white walls gives the illusion of expansiveness even though you may have little room to play with.

walkin wardrober vanity


5. Trend Alert: Go Scandinavian!

Scandinavian speaks simplicity, minimalism and functionality. This style works for the basic girls, who stick to the same morning routine and do not need cabinets of beauty products or accessories.

scandinavian vanity


6. Small is enough

If you do not have space to play with, a small cosy bedside vanity can be a real beauty as well. Choose a round mirror to break the room’s monotony, and make your vanity area look more spacious than it actually is.

small vanity

7. Bringing Back the Vintage Soul

We know there are some of you who love vintage, and this style gives you lots of space for a huge mirror and storage.

DV Tip: Choose natural light shining from the back or side instead of directly at you. You wouldn’t want to keep squinting during your morning beauty and skincare ritual.

vintage vanity


8. Experience glamour with Hollywood mirror

A Hollywood mirror for your vanity is both classic and easy to achieve. It’s also practical for evening skincare routines when you don’t need too much light from your main lamps. You can choose many different colour schemes for this vanity look, but white is still our favourite.

hollywood vanity


9. When space is a problem

This creative vanity reminds us of Narnia and the secret Wardrobe. Let your imagination run wild as you decorate this hidden beauty vanity that can be stored away whenever you want.

concealed vanity