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Just when you thought the usual hair dyes in stores or salons are only for the hair on your head, mankind has created hair dyes… For your nether regions. Read on to find out what it’s about and other strange beauty products that you’ll never believe exist. (Source)

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1) “Colour For The Hair Down There”



This is actually real. It comes with stencils and everything!

2) Henna N Placenta

Strange Beauty Products_hennaplacenta


Henna comes from henna leaves and they are considered an all natural dye. It’s usually used for henna art, typically for Indian or Malay weddings. Henna can also be used to dye your hair a nice orange-brown colour. Henna has a lot of good properties, such as moisturising and repairing damaged parts of your skin, nails and hair. It’s understandable how using henna dyes would work well for your hair.

But guess what? They mixed that in with placenta. Specifically, bovine placenta. In case you didn’t know, bovine is a certain type of cattle that includes cows, buffalos and bisons. Care for some cow placenta in your hair?

3) Weird Fragrances

a) Sushi Fragrance

Strange Beauty Products_sushi cologne


Perhaps if you really love sushi, and the smell of sushi, this is a fragrance you should look out for. Okay, scratch that. Maybe not. Unless you really don’t mind THAT smell. You won’t necessarily smell fishy, but you will have the scent of the seaweed and sticky rice lingering as you walk by a totally hot dude or chick, who hopefully is just as into sushi as you are.

b) Bacon Fragrance

Strange Beauty Products_Bacon cologne


If you thought a sushi fragrance is the most outrageous scent ever created, let us introduce you to bacon! Who doesn’t love bacon? We like it on burgers and on the breakfast table with scrambled eggs and sausages. But as a scent?

Apparently, this fragrance doesn’t smell 100% like bacon. The scent consists of spicy maple with a hint of bacon. We wonder if our perfume junkie editor Kristen Juliet would add these fragrances to her collection. (Editor’s note: Erm, no, thank you.)

4) Bird Poop Facial

A celebrity facialist from New York introduced her latest innovation- a facial treatment that unlocks the secrets of Geisha beauty. This facial helps to soften, brighten and nourish the facial complexion. The key ingredient is, you guessed it, bird poop! Not just any bird poop. It is the poop of the nightingale bird.



So the next time you take a walk on Orchard Road when a flock of birds fly across the sky, don’t panic and seek shelter. You shouldn’t fear bird poop after this. They may not be nightingale birds, but hey, if they found that bird poop could be beneficial to the complexion, anything can happen. (We’re kidding. Please don’t pick up bird poop from your car or the side walk and smear it on your face.)

5) Twist-N-Roll Facial Hair Remover

Strange Beauty Products_twist-n-roll-hair-facial-tweezers


Because who needs threading?

6) Fresh Breasts

Strange Beauty Products_fresh-breasts-new


Because sweaty boobs are a thing now and this cream helps to moisturise and prevents the boob area from sweating.

7) Double Eyelid Trainer

Strange Beauty Products_double-eyelid



Double eyelid stickers can be a hassle at times, why not train your eyelids to stay where they are using this little contraption! It looks like a pair of spectacles that have an adjustable wire of some sort to mark out where your double eyelid should be.

8) Anti-Wrinkle Headband

Strange Beauty Products_anti wrinkle headband


Doesn’t this look familiar?



The only difference is that this headband pulls the skin on the forehead outwards and stretches it to prevent wrinkles. It’s supposed to be worn at night, while you are getting your beauty sleep. Don’t think it’d be relaxing to use when you’re about to go to bed though!

9) Snail Slime Cream

Strange Beauty Products_cream-of-snail-slime-tm


This is currently a big hit in Korea and Japan. Snails slime can apparently get rid of acne, improve stretch marks and scarring. It also has anti-bacterial properties and antioxidants. See a snail on the road side after rain? Stop, and say thank you for their existence. Or you can pick it up, bring it home and put it on your face.


Ok, maybe not.

10) Bull Semen Hair Treatment

Strange Beauty products_bull semen hair treatment


It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it? Seems like we should all start rearing cattle, snails and birds and extract them off all their beauty properties. But anyway, your hair is made up of protein and having a concentrated amount of some proteins can help form a protective layer around the hair. And yup, this concentrated protein comes from bull semen.

11) Snake Venom Cream

How many times have we heard on Animal Planet on how lethal snake venom can be?Snake venom paralyses its prey by blocking the nerve impulses to the muscles. This is a similar effect to Botox, which everyone is familiar with.

Strange Beauty products_poisonous-toxic-venom-antivenom-snake-fangs-treatment-2007-news-white-house-com-tm


Using snake venom, the beauty industry has developed a cream that can be applied to the face. It’s meant to be safer and less invasive. If you’re willing to give it a go, just try not to put that stuff in your mouth.

12) Weight Loss Perfume

Strange Beauty Products_Slimming perfume


Who needs to exercise?

This perfume supposedly helps to suppress appetite and it smells really good too! Looks like gyms will be losing business in the near future if everyone knows about this.

13) Drinkable Sunscreen

We’ve all had those times where we’d slap on too much sunscreen and we just end up looking really white and not cute on the beach. No matter what we tell the ones we want to impress about the importance of SPF, we’re still the butt of the joke for being incredibly white with sunscreen.

strange beauty products_drinkable sun screen


Luck is on our side, because smart people have created sunscreen that you can drink! Although this seems like a good idea, some experts say there are no scientific, skin-related reasons as to why drinking your sunscreen would really protect your skin from the sun.

With the products listed above, we honestly don’t know what to believe anymore.

Share with us any weird or strange beauty products or treatments you’ve come across!


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