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ettusais skin version up sp suzy's zoo designWell, the answer is Ettusais Skin Version Up SUPER. This softener is designed to prep your skin so it absorb and lock in the goodness of a moisturiser. The beauty essence works by softening your skin’s surface area and optimising its natural moisture absorption strength so moisturisers can penetrate more easily into the skin. Besides its hydration benefit, it is also fortified with AC Control Oil, a key ingredient often seen in Ettusais’ oil-control products, which doesn’t just help keep pimples at bay, but also have antibacterial effect.


This month, this product receives new clothes – the adorable Suzy’s Zoo design is now on the bottle. I think it reminds me of kids’ shampoo, which makes skincare seems a lot more fun. This is limited edition, though, so remember to get it while it lasts.

The Ettusais Skin Version Up SP Limited Edition Suzy’s Zoo Design retails at SGD37 just as its usual version and is available at all Ettusais counters. The usual version carries a 100ml refill variant that retails at just SGD30.

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