Are you aware that melanin (skin pigmentation) is more noticeable in Asian skin than other ethnicity’s?

“Asian skin has thick and more compact dermis, is more prone to hyper-pigmentation, and is more resistant to aging signs due to firmness and elasticity over the general bone structure. When exposed to UV rays, Asian skin produces extra melanin to protect the deeper layers. Over time, this excess melanin forms dark deposits on the skin,” explains Art Pellegrino, Vice President of R&D in Elizabeth Arden.

This is probably why the whitening market in Asia is bigger than our counterparts in other continents, because pigmentation and dull-looking complexion is a common problem.

According to Pellegrino, the latest technologies in skin whitening allow consumers to achieve instant brightening benefits, and with continued use, improve the skin’s ability to reflect light. On top of these, the products are also able to visibly reduce skin darkness by controlling melanin production.

Other trends include having each product play its own important and relevant role in providing the benefits, as well as multi-benefit ingredients that are able to target multiple mechanisms in the whitening process.

The Elizabeth Arden Visible Whitening skincare regimen is precisely catering to these needs as a specialist treatment product range.

Adding to this existing range, Elizabeth Arden introduces two new products this year: the Visible Whitening Intense Brightening Biocellulose Mask and Visible Whitening Anti-Melanin Spot Corrector.


The mask has been specially crafted into an ultra-fine mesh textile (also known as biocellulose) which, compared to your usual sheet mask, holds more snugly onto your facial contours, just like a “second skin”. This adherence means that your skin will be in better contact with the mask and receive more of its goodness. The well-fitted mask is enriched with ingredients including Vitamin A derivative, Vitamin B3, as well as optical diffusers, making it a great SOS mask to use just before an important event (because the optical diffusers will help deliver instant brightening results), and at the same time, the other powerful ingredients offer long-term brightening benefits with continued use.

In fact, with potent whitening ingredients like Vitamin C derivative and Lipoamino Acid in its repertoire, the brand promises to reduce the appearance of dark spots, uneven skin tone and pores within four weeks (of twice weekly use).


The Visible Whitening Anti-Melanin Spot Corrector, on the other hand, helps fight stubborn dark spots using intensive skin brighteners that exfoliate and control melanin production. Don’t be scared off by its potent combination, however, the formula is still gentle enough for use by all skin types.

The products are available at all Elizabeth Arden counters. The Biocellulose Mask retails at SGD90 for a packet of five masks, and the Spot Corrector at SGD110.