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Launched in September, Stressbelly is a new stress and weight management support system that helps address two issues: stress and weight gain.

Research has shown that there is a correlation between stress and excess body fat accumulated around the waist. The Stressbelly range consists of two product types – capsules and tea sachets. Sold separately, the capsules help control anxiety, appetite and promote weight loss while the tea sachets encourage relaxation and peace of mind.

We caught up with local celebrity and the face of Stressbelly, Xiang Yun, to find out what she’s been up to and for her to share with us stress relief and weight management tips.


Daily Vanity (DV): What have you been busy with recently?

Xiang Yun (XY): I’m just done filming a drama series called “You Can be An Angel Too” in which Zoe Tay and I play head nurses in the show. It’ll air on 5 January next year. I’m also busy with one of the episodes of Tuesday Report (a Channel 8 variety show) and some external projects.


DV: It sure sounds like you have a busy schedule. How do you cope with being a working mother?

XY: It’s important not to give yourself too much pressure. Women are flexible and are capable of many things unimaginable by men. If it is possible, try to slow down, and take care of yourself, and take each task as it comes instead of rushing all the time. While it is important to be responsible, I’ve seen some people around me who have fallen ill due to stress and that’s a real pity. Let’s all cherish what we have, and start taking care of our health. When that’s done, we can better care for the people around us.

Xiang Yun dining with her family. Source: @xiang_yun_

Xiang Yun dining with her family. Source: @xiang_yun_

DV: What’s a typical day like for you?

XY: Similar to that many working mothers, my day begins at 6am to get my daughter prepared for school. After that I’ll look at my work schedule. If work doesn’t start so early for the day, I’ll fit in morning exercise to start the day fresh.

DV: Were there any weight loss method you’ve tried previously that didn’t work?

XY: I’ve tried TCM and western weight loss supplements, and also starving myself but none are effective and sustainable weight management methods.

DV: What challenges do you face when it comes to keeping your body in shape?

XY: I have the bad habit of snacking and insufficient sleep also poses a challenge as it is one of the causes of weight gain. I also need to be disciplined with my exercise regime.

DV: How does Stressbelly work for you? 

XY: It’s really easy! I just pop two capsules before bed, and drink a cup of Stressbelly Stay Clear Antioxidant Detox Tea in the morning before work. It helps improves digestion and reduces water retention!


DV: Besides Stressbelly, what other ways of stress relief do you indulge in?

XY: I like to read and exercise to reduce stress.

DV: What other changes to your lifestyle are you hoping to make, to relieve stress and keep your body in shape?

XY: I am constantly trying to improve my eating habits. For example, if I’ve had a large indulgent meal today, I’ll eat light for the next two days.

DV: Do you have an ideal body shape? Have you reached your “ideal” weight already?

XY: It’s not possible to compare my body now with back when I was younger. In the past, I thought I might try to maintain my weight at 45kg, but now I know if I were still at this weight, lots of wrinkles will probably appear on my face! What’s most important now is staying healthy, rather than being thin. What I’d like to work on though, is toning up flabby areas, such as stepping up on exercise. Together with Stressbelly, it gets
easier now!

Stressbelly Capsules retails at SGD99 for 60 capsules. They’re made with natural ingredients and formulated to encourage relaxation and fight the accumulation of body fats, suppress appetite and improve general well-being. Take one to two capsules every night before bed time.

Stressbelly Stay Clear Antioxidant Detox Tea retails at SGD18.90 for 30 Sachets, and is an organic Hibiscus tea that helps invigorate you. The drink can be enjoyed warm or chilled with honey or sugar to sweeten, and is formulated to manage cholesterol levels, improve digestion, promote healthy skin and reduce water retention. 

Stressbelly is exclusively available in selected Guardian stores.