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Scientists from Sweden and Germany found that our mum’s genes may affect how fast we age! Before we start blaming our mums, let us continue reading this article to understand why.

Each cell has something called the mitochondrial (pronounced as “my-toh-con-drial”), a powerhouse that breaks down sugar into usable energy. It also controls our ageing rate. The mitochondrial DNA only contains genes from the mother, thus is passed down from our mother.

With time, the mitochondrial is progressively damaged thus its energy production ability becomes disabled and in turn contributes to the ageing process. The damage/ageing rate is believed to be pre-determined from the genes passed down. However, the relative influence of mitochondrial damage versus environmental stressors in ageing remains unclear.

This research test is being conducted on lab mice, thus scientist noted that they require more tests, probably on humans, to confirm their findings. However, perhaps then, a good gauge at how fast you might age, may be to look at how fast your mother aged.

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What’s Daily Vanity’s take on ageing?

How To Prevent Skin From Aging

While we can’t control our genes, we can take control of our lifestyles and habits by following these tips (most of the signs of ageing we experienced are in fact, within our control, because they’re caused by lifestyle issues and environmental reasons!):

  • Proper skincare regime to cleanse, scrub, tone and moisturise
  • Apply sunscreen to block off damaging UV rays
  • Consume anti-oxidants drinks or food to reduce free radicals
  • Consume your vitamin C and E to reduce free radicals
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