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Your skin share a similar function as your nose – it’s able to pick up odour molecules. This has been discovered by researchers from Ruhr University Bochum in Germany.

The presence of a variety of olfactory receptors (the ability to detect scent) has been found on the outermost layer of skin by the scientists.

One of the scents that they looked into specifically, was that of the sandalwood, which the researchers of the study found that it trigger the cell processes that help skin heal, through the activation of the olfactory receptors on the skin.

This means that there’s a potential that you can be using sandalwood scents and the pimples on your skin will heal faster.

Of  course, a lot more research has to be done regarding the cosmetic potential of this scent.

“We mustn’t forget that concentrated fragrances should be handled with care until we have ascertained which functions the different types of olfactory receptors in skin cells have,” Professor Hanns Hatt said. Professor Hatt heads this study.

While more research is being done regarding this hypothesis, you can certainly start looking out for sandalwood scents to add to your perfume collection. After all, there’s just that chance that your zits and sunburns may heal faster, otherwise, you’ll just smell really good – right?

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