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More than a decade ago, Yves Rocher was in Singapore, but it left, much to the sadness of a lot of fans. And now, it’s back, with its very first store in the newly-opened Westgate, at Jurong East. We visited the store and met up with Yves Rocher’s Marion Lavesque to find out what we can look forward to.

Yves Rocher Singapore

Source: Makeup Stash!

Interview With Marion

Daily Vanity (DV): Yves Rocher left Singapore, and then now it’s back. What’s the difference between then and now that makes it a good time to be here now.

Marion Lavesque (ML): We have the right partnership this time, with the Luxasia group, to bring the brand to Singapore. Also, compared to the past, the needs of Asian women have changed. They don’t just go for luxury, but also want quality and accessible prices, they’re more educated about botanical products.

Yves Rocher Marion

DV: There seems to be a lot of ambition as the brand re-enters the market. What are some of the upcoming plans?

ML: Currently we are running very exciting and generous gift-with-purchase promotions, where the gifts every month are different. We are launching Sebo Vegetal, a mattifying range very soon. And you can also look forward even more Yves Rocher boutiques around the island.

DV: All of Yves Rocher’s products are botanical and natural – probably why the boutique smells so amazing! Why did Yves Rocher take on this philosophy?

ML: The brand was created by Mr Yves Rocher 50 years ago in his attic in France, and he believe in the power of plants – just look at how long they can live!

What’s unique about the ingredients we use is that we harvest our own organically-grown plants. We take only the best. This means we control the production cycle right from the raw ingredients portion.

DV: For someone who is new to Yves Rocher, which product will you start her off with?

ML: There are just too many great products! It’s going to be tough to just pick a few. But perhaps I’ll pick three:

The new Elixir 7.9 Serum. This is our latest innovation that is lightweight and goes well with a good moisturiser. The name 7.9 comes from the fact that we used 7 plants in the formula and has 9 anti-ageing patents.

Yves Rocher Singapore Elixir 7.9 Serum

I will also recommend our Rinsing Vinegar. (DV: We saw so many raves about this online!) Yes, this is our bestseller and even in the Singapore store, you see it flying off the shelves. This product helps your hair look shinier and it smells really good too. I think the scent also helps our customers feel happier.

Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar1

Finally, I’ll want her to try the Hydra Vegetal 24H Intense Hydrating Gel Cream. This can keep your skin moisturised for the whole day. And it doesn’t just help to retain moisture, it also teaches your skin how to keep moisturised. You know, it’s like not just giving the man fish, but also teaching him how to fish.

Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal 24h Intense Hydrating Gel Cream

What Daily Vanity Thinks

I am impressed by the offering that Yves Rocher has – skincare, body care (from anti-cellulite cream to body wash), hair care and even perfumes, which I heard are very popular. The entire boutique smells incredible and you’re encouraged to smell the products for yourself. A tour around the boutique feels like I’m walking through a French garden, and it makes me feel happy and refreshed.

What really surprised me was how accessible the prices are. While I was listening to Marion share with me the whole production process of harvesting the ingredients to manufacturing and finally distributing the products, as well as the focus on R&D, I was really expecting high prices.

When I heard that the Rinsing Vinegar was only retailing at SGD15, my jaw dropped. This price is so accessible, most people would be able to afford its great quality products! And by the way, the Rinsing Vinegar is now my staple. Another of my favourite is the Elixir 7.9 Youth Energy Eye Care Roll On. The cooling sensation coupled with lightweight formula helps to eliminate the look of puffiness.

Yves Rocher Singapore Elixir 7.9 Youth Energy Eye Care Roll On

Yves Rocher is opened at #02-16, Westgate.