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There are many stereotypes surrounding girls who are beauty enthusiasts. We’re self-absorbed. We’re spendthrifts. We’re bimbos. While you’re at it, do you mind adding “WE MAKE THE BEST BFFS EVER” to the list?

 1. We will make your Instagram feed beautiful


Instagram husbands you shall need no more

Why do you even need an Instagram husband? We are experts at photography after all those hours adjusting the lighting and angles just to capture the best picture of our carefully contoured face. (Even if we don’t post them on social media, just take a look at our camera roll.)

2. We understand the value of money and budgeting


Our general attitude towards life

When you want almost all 100 shades of Urban Decay’s VICE lipsticks, what do you do? You scrimp. And save. (And also check and ask your fellow beauty junkie friends if you can leech on their Sephora Black Card member discounts.)

3. Determination is in our blood


Determination summed up in a gif

Once we set our eyes on something we want, we’ll find all means to get it even if everyone tells us it’s impossible. So what if Colorpop isn’t in Singapore? We’ll find the most obscure ways to get our hands on one. (Psssst! For beauty junkies only: COMA Makeup, a beauty e-commerce store, now stocks Colorpop’s lippie sticks and liquid lipsticks! We reviewed nine liquid lipsticks from the store here.)

4. We can have fun anywhere

giphy (2)

Oh, it’s raining?

Seriously. Stay-at-home-and-paint-our-faces are the best wet weather plans.

5. We’re meticulous


Especially at reading fine prints, just because those years scrutinising the ingredient list on the tiniest bottles have trained us well. The next time you need someone to vet through a lengthy proposal or contract, you know who to find. ;)

6. You won’t have to be afraid of awkward silences when you introduce us to your other girlfriends

giphy (3)

We promise to be entirely presentable. And if she’s a fellow beauty junkie? We sense a connection already!

7. We’re easily excited


Just about every time a brand raved about in another country graces Singapore with its presence

And we all need a little enthusiasm in life sometimes.

8. Count on us to warn you of a beauty faux pas any time

giphy (4)

None of that “heyyyy, do you want to go to the toilet?” nonsense. If you have lipstick on your teeth, trust us to tell you in the face just to spare you even a second of embarrassment.

9. We aren’t afraid of untrodden paths

giphy (5)

If you have a strange, absurd idea you want to execute, we’ll most probably be the most open and enthusiastic to it. The beauty sphere has the strangest trends that we’ve become so accustomed to, seriously nothing can really faze us.

10. It’s SO easy to buy birthday gifts for us

giphy (6)

We promise to show you the same level of excitement and surprise every year

Psst, we heard Sephora does gift cards. ;)