He Says, She Says: Sweetheart, If You Pop My Pimples, This Is What I Need You To Know

Growing up, I’ve never taken pleasure in popping my own pimples, even when I was a pimply teenager with a few truly ripe zits just begging to be popped. Funnily enough, I find that pimple-popping is a very female impulse. It’s almost second nature for a significant other or mother figure to reach out and just attempt to press on that pimple.

“So, why do you like to pop your boyfriend’s/husband’s/partner’s zits?”

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I’ve asked this question many times, but the most telling answers actually came from my girlfriend. There are three parts to the answer, succinctly summarised as such:

  • I squeeze my own pimples/blackheads/etc.
  • It’s nice to have someone to squeeze for.
  • I look at your face so often, so I see it very often, hence the desire to help you press a zit.

To me, this means that the driving force behind a woman’s desire to press their partner’s pimples, is the need to share their own joy of pimple popping with their significant other. I mean, if you put yourself in her perspective: Since it brings her pleasure, it should bring her partner some pleasure as well. It’s also an act of concern and an expression of care. 

I appreciate it, I really do. In fact, from now on, I’ll try to submit to a pimple-popping session every once in a while. However, I want to say just one thing:

It hurts so much, it makes my eyes tear.

Here’s how it feels to me sometimes: The pimple already hurts on its own, and we may feel a painful throb if we touch it accidentally. As she presses down, there’s a painful buildup of pressure. It mounts endlessly as her fingernails dig further into your skin, causing it to feel like a part of your face is about to explode. That mounting pressure comes to an abrupt, jarring end when the pimple finally breaks open, giving way to a sharp stab of pain so concentrated and it’s hard not to tear up.

That’s the real reason why guys like me try to dodge pimple popping sessions. So, the next time you try to pop your partner’s zits, remember to be gentle, use warm water to soften up his skin and try to make it as pain-free as possible!

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