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Ladies, how many times have you been told by your partner that you look just as fine without makeup, only for you twist your facial features in disbelief? OF COURSE they would say that, right? I mean, in general, guys just say you look great because we don’t want to piss you off, right? Wrong.

girl without makeup

We’ve seen you at your worst

Look, if it’s just some random guy, then he has every reason to say only nice things to make you feel good. You can take the compliment and be happy about it, or you can shut him down.

The group I’m talking about instead are the long-term partners. You know, the ones that have been around for a while now. They’ve been with you when you’ve had your cry face on and the mascara ran like a river of darkness down your face.

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They stuck around after you came back from the gym looking dishevelled and all sweaty. By the way, yes, you stank to the high heavens after that workout. Basically, they’ve been around you long enough to see a less ideal side of you.

I’m no Brad Pitt either…

… or Clooney or whatever handsome superstar you can think of. Most of us are average looking, with slightly flawed features. Heck, some of us look pretty okay but just fall short in the height department. Most of us don’t have chiselled features and eyes you can get lost in. We totally get that.

Sometimes, we want to be like him too.

Sometimes, we want to be like him too.

That’s why we’re totally okay with you not looking all perfect every moment of the day. In fact, how you look without makeup actually kind of grows on us. There’s that slight blemish we’re getting comfortable with, that faded scar from when you were younger and we know the back story about. There’s familiarity, but more importantly, there’s a sense of truth. That this is really who you are.

We really like that.

What about men as visual creatures?

I hear ladies ask that question a lot when I’ve made my little speech. Hey, I’m not saying “go ahead and be ugly” or anything. I’m saying we’re visual at first, but once we’ve connected, then that takes a backseat.

The truth is the emotional connection between you and your partner is way more important than how you look tonight and every other night. Why? Because deep down inside, we know looks fade but love can run deep and character is forever. Now ladies, isn’t that more important?

He Says, She Says is a monthly column by Kenneth (he) and Carrie (she).

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