Happy Lunar New Year!

I hate armpit hair.

I’m referring to long dangly strands that have a life of their own at the pits. I get a natural adverse reaction to the sight of it be it on men or women. Of course, I don’t think everyone should consider hair removal to please other people. Your body, your choice. I’m more mortified by the thought that it’ll ever be on MY body. Yuck!

I’ve asked myself a couple of times, “Why am I disgusted by body hair growing from my armpits? It’s just hair.” I never have an answer. It’s the same way I feel about seeing things with multiple holes on it. They call it Trypophobia. It freaks the hell out of me. I guess the thought of having it on my body at that length, just doesn’t sit quite right with me. So I really don’t get the whole “beautifying my armpit hair” fad that went on for a while with multi-coloured dyed pit hairdos. But like I said, not my body, not my choice.

body care armpit hair

I’ve got to be clear though, I find armpit hair on both women AND men repulsing. So there’s no double standards there. I know some men think it’s manly and some aren’t comfortable with shaving it all off, but I don’t get it. Why are men okay with themselves having hair and not women? Like hello, it’s EQUALLY disgusting.

That said, I’ve no big problems with armpit stubble. I don’t get why people get upset about armpit stubble. I guess they react the same way I do to items with holes on them and longer grown out versions of armpit stubble a.k.a armpit hair. I mean, for some bizarre reason, I am totally okay with that and don’t really care. #lazypeopleproblems

armpit hair

Sometimes, we all get a bit of stubble. They grow out so quickly. But while long strands of pit hair are a bit more in your face (you definitely can see it from a distance whether you like it or not), armpit stubble takes a closer experience to see clearly. Do you walk so close to a person to stare at their pits? I don’t think so.

You see, long armpit hair screams “it’s time for some maintenance, you forgot to shave, in like FOREVER, you lazy worm” but armpit stubble is just, “I shouldn’t have worn a sleeveless top, I just forgot to get rid of it for a day or three” or maybe “where’s my shaver again?”. It’s just not quite the same.

I admit, I sometimes forget to shave and the stubble gets out there in a jiffy. Am I embarrassed to be out there with my arms in the air and the black is kinda poking out there at parts? I don’t really know. Maybe sometimes, but not very often. Like I said, your face has to be pretty close to my pits to get grossed out and wait a minute… You’re a bit too close and invading my personal space. Move back. Problem solved.

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