He Says, She Says: Why Do Women Pop Pimples For Their Significant Halves?

I’m constantly ruminating about life’s greatest mysteries, one of which is the strange question, “Why would anyone love popping their other halves’ pimples?”

I am personally a neurotic when it comes to pimple-popping. I hate thinking about the pus, let alone enjoy the act of squeezing my or anyone else’s zits till they burst, but I do occasionally hear of ladies who get a kick from it.

I’ve often wondered if my adverse reaction towards popping pimples for myself or another person, especially so if that’s my significant other, was an anomaly instead of the norm. So I decided to survey 52 women (not a sizeable nor accurate census, but what I got from it was interesting) to get a feel of what ladies really thought about this and if they felt it detestable or shiok. The tribe has spoken!

Ask yourself: Do you have the desire to squeeze this pimple?

Ask yourself: Do you have the desire to squeeze this pimple?

  • Not that many of us squeeze pimples for our other halves
    Only about a third of respondents, that’s 18 ladies, popped pimples for their other halves.
  • If we popped pimples for our significant other, none of us were pimple-popping martyrs
    When asked if they enjoyed popping pimples for their other halves, 7 out of 18 ladies who did so only enjoyed squeezing those zits sometimes and in certain situations. One of the respondents, Tiffany Lau, quipped, “I’m always begging Aaron to let me pop them!” And she’s not alone, the remaining 11 respondents also totally enjoyed doing so.
  • It’s gross, bad or unhygienic!
    It’s no rocket science. All respondents who didn’t pop pimples for their boyfriends, partners and husbands, all cited similar reasons. It was mostly too gross (with exclamation marks included), bad for the skin or totally unhygenic. Pretty standard. Trust me when I say, the majority of the responses included the keyword, “gross”. Also, food for thought, what if the pus flies out of a particularly “ripe” pimple and strikes us in the face? Eww!
  • Wait a minute, it’s a milestone in relationships?
    Believe it or not, some ladies mentioned that it was in some way a “gross but endearing” activity and that it was something they did with a significant other only when they were “close enough”. “It’s satisfying yet I only do it when I’m super comfortable with my partner.”
  • A number of us are pimple terrorists who do so for our own pleasure
    Personal satisfaction or having a secret fetish is one of the most common reasons the respondents shared when we asked why they popped their partner’s pimples. The winning reason has to be, “It’s so satisfying to see the pus and the comedone pop out. I might have a fetish. I spend hours watching popping videos. Help?” That’s serious detail there.

I can only imagine what the men are thinking when they see their girlfriends and wives lurking around their spots waiting to squeeze the hell out of it. Apparently, three respondents who didn’t pop pimples for their significant others were banned from doing so. Looks like those zits are off limits in those cases!

But since we’re talking about uncontrollable fetishes and pimple-popping videos, here is a public service announcement. Check out Dr Sandra Lee, @drpimplepopper, on Instagram (Editor’s note: NSFS. That’s not safe for the squeamish.) for your pimple and pore-clogging gunk-busting fix, especially if you are not allowed to destroy any of your partner’s. Okay folks, I’m going to cringe and puke up my dinner now.

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