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Our reader Ji En asked:

Is cuticle-trimming essential? How often should we do it? How should we do it?

For a pair of beautiful hands, cuticle-trimming plays an important role. You may think of cuticles like the hair on our head. Keeping the cuticles neat will make our hands look good.

Cuticle-trimming should be done with extreme care because the skin around our nails is delicate and serve as a protection against infections caused by germs and bacteria. Cuticle trimming is essential only when you find that the cuticles are growing long onto the nail plate.

You can push back your cuticles every now and then to stimulate nail growth. To do so, you can use the SpaRitual Cuti-Cocktail and Pen to moisturize the cuticles, keeping them soft and healthy. The rubberized end can be used to gently push back the cuticles while you are on the go!

sparitual cuti-cocktail-pen

Here are the steps to properly trim it properly:

1. Soften the cuticles first. You could use products such as SpaRitual Cuti-Clean Cuticle & Stain Remover to do so. This product doubles up as a nail polish remover. Leave the product on for a minute.

sparitual cuti-clean-stain

2. Use a wooden orangestick to gently push back the softened cuticles in a circular motion.

3. You may use a cuticle nipper to nip off any loose cuticle. Be very careful! Stop if you accidentally cause bleeding.

However, we advise that the trimming of cuticles to be left to a professional manicurist and that it should only be done when the cuticles are long and hard on the nail plate.

The Expert

Jamie Kao, brand ambassador of SpaRitual, a vegan nail care brand