Our reader Alexis asked:

Is primer an essential part of the makeup regime?

glominerals face-primer-tube
In a cold environment, for example, an air-conditioned room, foundation tends to flake. By applying a face primer helps seal in the moisture of the skin and prevent it from secreting sebum after you apply the foundation.

Other tips: Choose a primer that carries no paraben, artificial dyes and preservatives such as gloFace Primer by gloMinerals. This product also contains vitamin A, C, E and green tea extract. It comes in a clear gel form so that means it’s suitable for all skin tones and helps glides on easily. It is also effective in filling in fine lines and imperfections. This retails at $45 and is available at gloskinMD, #03-03 Pacific Plaza.

The Expert

Francis Congmon, makeup artist