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Our reader, Joo May, asked this:

I have hair above my upper lip that I can’t remove or lighten. Foundation can’t cover it for long too and I need a long-term regime. Please advise what I could do.

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To get rid of hair above the upper lip, you can consider going for the Super Hair Removal (SHR) laser treatment, which is a procedure that can only be administered by a medical doctor.

The SHR is a patented technology that uses low fluence repetitive light pulses targeting at susceptible hair follicles to permanently destroy them. 20 to 30 of said light pulses are fired onto each hair follicle during each treatment, and this is superior to conventional light-based hair removal systems that fire only two to four high-powered light pulses into each hair follicle. The SHR system has been FDA-certified for permanent hair removal.

It’ll take a minimum of two sessions for you to see results, and the great thing is that it has absolutely no down time, and you’ll see a permanent reduction in hair roots and follicles.

CSK provides this service and prices start from SGD98. You can visit the CSK website for the address of all CSK clinics locations.

The Expert

Dr. Shiau Ee Leng of CSK Laser Aesthetic Clinics is a certified Laser Physician and performs a full range of aesthetic procedures such as laser, botox, chemical peelers, fillers, Intense Pulse Light (IPL) medical procedures and non-surgical facelifts.
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