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Our reader Jocelyn asked:

I have combination-oily skin and I have tried many countless skincare products in my quest for matte skin which can be maintained for at least two hours in this humid country (Singapore). Please help!

Nowadays, combination to oily skin is an omnipresent issue that concerns 51% of women in Europe, 71% of women in Asia and 71% of women in Latin-America.* Combination and oily skins are characterized by a shiny skin and a greasy feeling on the skin. If shine is observed permanently, on the whole face, we call it “oily skin”. If the zone of shine is particularly marked on the forehead, the nose and chin (what is called the T-zone) we talk about combination skin.

* Epidemiological study on women CSP 2007

Combination to oily skin has more active sebaceous gland and thus produces excess sebum (hypersecretion). Sebum is an oily/greasy liquid exclusively composed of lipids which is secreted by sebaceous glands. It flows to the surface of the skin through the pores of the pilosebaceous follicles. Thus, we find it on the skin surface and the skin becomes oily and feels greasy to the touch.

Factors that can influence seborrhea (sebaceous gland activity) are numerous and we can classify them into internal factors such as age, hormonal variations (androgens), stress and external factors such as time of the day, pollution, humidity/heat and UV rays.

For a mattified skin without shine, sebum secretion needs to be controlled throughout the day. That’s why Vichy Laboratoires have specifically developed Normaderm Total Mat, dedicated to combination to oily skin.

vichy normaderm total mat

There are two important steps in the beauty routine of oily skin. The first one is cleansing. This essential step is very important, and you have to do it both morning and evening to remove excess of sebum, sweat and impurities. Use a specific cleanser dedicated to oily skin and respectful of sensitive skin, for example Normaderm Cleansing gel.

vichy normaderm cleansing gel

The second step is to apply a specific care, day and evening, in order to control the sebum secretion. Hydration is also key, that’s why it is advised to use a product that mattifies the skin while at the same time, improve hydration for at least 24 hours. You can choose products with light and fresh texture for more pleasure upon application. It is also important to select products that penetrate easily and quickly for a dry and soft touch after application.

It is also advised to use an exfoliating skin care product with microbeads of different sizes once a week, to be efficient while respecting the skin. It is recommended to particularly massage median zones of the face. Do check out Vichy’s Normaderm range for oily and combination skin.

The Expert

Pascale Mora, Scientific Communication Director of Vichy International

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