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Do we apply moisturiser, sunscreen and powder on the neck?


You have asked a great question that allows me the chance to talk about another concern that I can never stop talking about – neck and décolleté care.

While most of us, as vain as we may be, probably spend more than 80% of our time and money on our face, but neglect the other parts of our body. Besides our face, another area that gives away our age is our neck and décolleté (chest) area. These two areas are also not covered by our clothes most of the time and are exposed to the same environmental aggressors (like pollution and UV rays) as our face, so they deserve and need some TLC too!

You can definitely extend whatever you’re using on your facial skin onto your neck and décolleté. In other words, there is no need to invest in additional products for that purpose. Simply dispense a little more of your usual products – especially sunscreen – onto your neck and décolleté.

Apply the products in an upward motion – start from where your cleavage is, and go towards your neck and then end at your chin. Spend about two to three minutes on doing this massage to help firm the neck area, and to prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the neck.

As for powder (I assume you’re referring to foundation?), there’s actually no need to do it unless you think there’s a stark difference in colour between your foundation and skin tone. In that case, remember to also blend it out to the area below your ears, beyond your cheeks and blend it carefully along the hairline.

The expert is Kristen Juliet Soh, co-founder of Singapore’s beauty-only website, Daily Vanity.