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My beautician (who does facial for me monthly) described my skin as “internal oily and external dry” (内油外干). What are the best products to recommend me? I don’t like to put too many products on my face and a complex regime is time consuming. I need to have my skin hydrated while getting rid of the excess oil within the skin.
– Joo May

Such skin condition is also known as “inner dry skin”, where a lot of sebum is produced but there is a lack of moisture in the skin. The main reason for such skin type is because of skin dehydration. When skin is dehydrated, your skin’s natural instinct is to produce more sebum to act as a “moisturiser”.

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kanebo impress ic

On top of using products that are suitable for you, you may want to practise the following tips:

  • Double facial cleansing: Use a facial cleanser to remove oily impurities (makeup or sebum), followed by a facial soap to cleanse away dust, bacteria and dead skin cells.
  • Double moisturising: Use a lotion first to provide moisture to your skin, followed by an emulsion that helps with moisture retention.

The expert is Cheryl Koh, Brand Manager of Kanebo.

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