Everyone has their pet peeves and beauty questions they’ve always wanted to ask but never had the chance to. We compiled some of those that we frequently hear, and provided solutions and recommendations for them. See if any of these questions coincide if what you would have also wondered about!

My scalp is oily but my hair is dry!

Our humid weather and stressful lifestyle can cause our sebaceous glands to be over-active, making our scalp oily easily. However, while it’s tempting to wash our hair frequently, over-cleansing will strip away the natural moisture on our scalp and hair. This is how some of us continue to suffer from the problem of oily scalp, coupled with dry hair.


Try: L’Oreal Paris Elseve Hyaluron Moisture range of products. These are inspired by sincare that combines Salicylic Acid (to control sebum) and Hyaluronic Acid (to moisturise). You can also find an anti-dandruff shampoo in the range, besides basic products like shampoo, conditioner, and mask. Prices range from SGD9.90 for the 400ml shampoo to SGD15.90 for the hair mask. The range is available at Fairprice, Watsons, Guardian, leading supermarkets and selected department stores.

I find it hard to deeply moisturise my skin that is prone to allergic reactions and irritation.

One of the most common gripes of those with sensitive skin is how difficult it is to find products that are gentle enough to use, yet still provide effective results. Look for products that are non-comedogenic (won’t cause clogged pores) and hypoallergenic (unlikely to cause an allergic reaction) that also have a good reputation for offering good skincare benefits.


Try: Etude House True Relief range. Formulated with plant-based ingredients derived from apricot, chestnut and chicory – all known for their medicinal benefits to improve, soothe, and strengthen sensitive skin, the range of products also contains ceramide, an ingredient that helps improve skin’s natural defence. It also contains hyaluronic acid to deliver intense moisture. The range consists of a mist toner (SGD27.90), moist emulsion (SGD27.90), and a moist cream (SGD32.90) and will be available at Etude House stores island-wide from 1 April 2016.

Some of my friends say brown is the perfect shade to use on brows, while some say grey looks more natural. Which should I really go for?

Both groups of friends aren’t wrong, because it’s dependent on your hair colour and skin tone. Julep has created a brow colour guide according to skin and hair colour, which we thought is quite useful.

brow colour guide

K-Palette Natural Smoky Brown Eyebrow Range

Try: K-Palette Limited Edition Natural Smoky Brown Eyebrow products. The research team at K-Palette has taken a leaf out of Miranda Kerr’s stylebook. The former Victoria’s Secret angel has been the muse for many Asian women especially when it comes to her hair colour and eyebrows that look perpetually on fleek. The colour that’s created for this range of limited edition products is in the middle of the spectrum of K-Palette’s most popular eyebrow colours (Natural Brown and Grayish Brown), and is achieved by mixing Natural Brown with gray and pink tones, giving a wearable shade that is suitable for Asian skin tones. There are three products in this range: the Real Lasting Eyebrow Mascara, Lasting 2 Way Eyebrow Pencil 24h, and Lasting 2 Way Eyebrow Liner 24h. Prices range between SGD19.90 and SGD23.90, and products are avaialble at Sasa and Watsons.

I can’t resolve my enlarged pore problem no matter what I do!

Concerns over pores are common in this part of the world, partly because of our climate. One of the reasons why the appearance of pores can’t seem to improve over time could be because of problems that lie within the skin. “Inner comedones” develop within the skin to induce inflammation, and even disrupt skin environment and turnover. Besides causing skin roughness and uneven pores, not treating it properly can also worsen the skin’s condition, leading to acne development, and related skin troubles.

ORBIS Skin Active Serum_Mood Shot, $45

Try: Orbis Skin Active Serum (SGD45). This is formulated with extracts of bilberry leaf, gromwell root, and liquorice root, which provides fundamental care to prevent the formation of inner comedones, minimise inflammation, and build up skin’s resistance capacity. Think of it as giving a “health supplement” to your skin that helps build up its ability to defend itself so that your skin troubles can be eradicated from their roots.

I exercise and watch my diet diligently. But there’s just these few stubborn inches that refuse to be shed!

Have you considered using fat-bust products that can work in tandem with your diet and fitness plans to accelerate slimming? There are home care products great for toning that you can use – besides a more svelte silhouette, you’ll also achieve the bonus benefit of smoother, more moisturised skin.


Try: Marie France Bodyline BodyTech Activ-PPC Cream. Developed by Marie France Bodyline, which owns a chain of slimming salons and has 30 years of experience in the slimming field, this product taps on the slimming ingredient PPC to offer slimming and cellulite-busting benefits to users. You can use it as a home care product or with body treatments to accelerate its benefits. The product is exclusively available at all Marie France Bodyline centres and retails at an introductory price of SGD98 (its usual price is SGD130). With a purchase of three bottles of this product, you’ll also receive a complimentary Adipo Lavender Therapy worth SGD275.

Is there any hair styling tool that can help me achieve both straight hair and curls?

What you need is a heat styler that can be easily used to create sleek and textured looks. Make sure to find one that protects your hair from excessive harm, and can help you achieve long-lasting styles.

Try: ghd Platinum styler (SGD395). This is equipped with a technology that straightens or curls your hair with just one stroke, and is done using a safe-for-hair level of heat. Its ergonomic design also makes it super easy to use. Check out these two tutorials to see how you can use it.

My droopy eyelids and brow area make me look tired and older than I really am.

Eye contour care is an important part of any skincare regime that everyone should start as young as possible. The skin around of eyes is more delicate than the rest of our skin, and this is why it is also the area that begins to see signs of ageing faster. Investing in a good eye cream that can help lift the appearance of your eyes is one of the best things you can do to retain a youthful appearance.

la mer the lifting eye serum

Try: La Mer The Lifting Eye Serum (SGD350). This is engineered with naturally-derived ingredients from the sea like red algae, brown algae, blue algae, and kelp, all of which can help stimulate the production of elastin in skin. It also comes with a cooling applicator that can help you massage the area to improve circulation.